Author: John Kowalczyk

From Pain to Pounds: Understanding Fibromyalgia and Weight Gain

Do you have fibromyalgia and struggle with unwanted weight gain? Are you fed up with the symptoms you experience and the emotional and physical burden of your constant flare-ups? You're not alone. Many patients with fibromyalgia complain about widespread pain and sudden weight gain, but understanding the link between the two can help. In this […]

What's The Link Between Vertigo Episodes And Falls?

Vertigo is generally non-life threatening, but it can increase risks of falling. Getting vertigo remedies that best fit your needs can help reduce such risks.

Migraine in Kids and Teens: How Does it Affect Them?

It's common for adults to experience migraine. Approximately 45 million people in the US alone complain about headaches in a year. Some migraine patients seek upper cervical care for the symptoms to stop interfering with their daily lives. Migraine symptoms vary, but most people living with it may agree that it's a perfect way to […]

What It Means to Live with Meniere's Disease

Meniere's disease (MD) is an inner-ear disorder that can heavily impact your life. It primarily causes vertigo or spinning sensations but can also trigger other equally debilitating symptoms such as vertigo and tinnitus. The cause of Meniere's disease is unclear, but numerous studies have associated it with viral infections, allergies, and trauma to the head […]

A Migraineur’s Guide to Managing Mental Health Risks

Many people often say, "migraines can drastically affect your day" and go on and on about how their migraine symptoms victimize them and leave lasting impacts on their mental health. This is why it's not surprising why a survey of 6000 adults revealed that migraineurs are 50 percent more likely to experience mental health problems […]

Why You Need Upper Cervical Care for Your Vertigo

A thrilling roller coaster ride or a funny spinning game may leave us temporarily under a dizzy spell, but some have it suddenly, without warning, which is no fun at all. The false sense of nonstop rotational movement of your surroundings when you’re sober and just going about your routine is most likely disrupting and […]

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