Dr. Kevin Hallmeyer is the practitioner at True Spine Chiropractic in Bend, Oregon. He is the only chiropractor that specializes in the NUCCA procedure in the Bend area. Over ten years ago, he switched career to pursue his passion for helping patients in all areas of health and wellness. Dr. Hallmeyer believes in the body’s inborn ability to heal and thrive, which is the core wisdom of chiropractic. After attending his first NUCCA seminar while in school for his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree, he was moved by what he learned about the upper cervical spine (neck). He saw the fantastic results of the NUCCA method for patients with vertigo, low back pain, TMJ, and multiple sclerosis. Since then, he has concentrated his studies on NUCCA and the upper cervical spine.

Technique/s: NUCCA procedure

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Overcoming Sciatica by Following Simple Nutritional Tips

Do you have a tingling or painful sensation in your lower back that prevents you from doing household chores, spending time with your family, or exercising? If you have, you’re likely looking for natural ways to cope with sciatica pain, like making a few diet modifications.  However, like most people, you’re probably wondering how simple nutritional tips can make a difference in your efforts to manage sciatica pain. Can it really help? or will it just be another source of disappointment? The short answer is yes! The belief that “food is medicine” is at the heart of every health regimen. [...]

Blood Proteins Show Potential in Improving Migraine Diagnosis

Ask anyone suffering from migraine just how debilitating the episodes can be once the symptoms start showing. If you ask different migraine patients, you will learn that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to managing migraine pain and discomfort. Some are satisfied with taking pain-relief medication, others rely on home remedies, while there are patients who generally feel relief from upper cervical care. Because the leading cause of migraine remains unknown, studies about this common health concern are continuously taking place. A new study reveals a promising method to test for migraines. This direction can lead to a potential method that [...]

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Is It OK to Exercise if You Have Fibromyalgia?

Doing physical activities might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a way to cope with fibromyalgia. After all, the condition causes mild to intense bouts of pain. But if you’d ask doctors and fibromyalgia chiropractic professionals, YES, it’s totally fine to exercise if you have fibromyalgia. They would, in fact, encourage you to integrate low-impact activities into your everyday routine.  How exactly can you stay physically active if you feel sore and achy all over your body? Let's help you work around your fibromyalgia symptoms and keep your body in tip-top condition.   [...]

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5 Signs Your Neck Pain Needs Immediate Attention

Neck pain is among the commonly neglected symptoms in the world. That’s because people automatically assume that their achy neck doesn’t require special attention. Many also think that their neck pain will eventually fade and cause little to no problem on their health and wellbeing. While this might be true for some cases, patients who seek upper cervical care know very well that some cases of achy neck require extra care and a tailored approach.  Read on to learn five neck pain red flags and what they potentially indicate. Also, be sure to check out our quick discussion on one [...]

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Vestibular Neuronitis and Vertigo: What’s The Connection?

Vestibular neuronitis isn’t a condition that you often hear about. That’s because it’s a rare inner infection that only affects 3.5 out of 100,000 patients. However, we believe that it’s crucial to learn as much as you can about vestibular neuronitis, especially if you’re looking for natural remedies for vertigo. Find out how the connection between vertigo attacks and vestibular neuronitis below.   Vestibular Neuronitis: An Inner Ear Infection that Causes Balance Problems Vestibular neuronitis (vestibular neuritis) is an infectious condition that affects the vestibular nerve. It causes severe vestibular nerve inflammation due to the body’s natural response to disease-causing [...]

Sleeping Without a Pillow: Does it Help with Neck Pain?

Upper neck pain can stem from a long list of things that you can readily avoid or control. One of which is the pillow you use to support your neck while you lay in bed. Some argue that it's better to sleep without a pillow because it’s tricky to pick the right kind. At the same time, others dispute the claims saying that it can potentially cause worse problems for your cervical spine. Let’s uncover the truth by looking a bit closer at the upper neck anatomy.   The Role of Pillow in Maintaining Your Spinal Alignment Pillows trace their [...]

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At Last! A Meniere’s Disease Natural Treatment That Works

Meniere's disease is a problematic condition that affects the inner ears. What makes this disease bothersome is that it influences more than one of the senses. Thankfully, patients have one less thing to worry about as there are various relief options available. If you prefer a Meniere's disease natural treatment, read until the end and we will introduce you to a lesser-known but promising method that works for many Meniere’s patients.    The Inner Ear If you thought that this condition affects the visible part of your ears, then you are mistaken. The inner ears are deep inside our earlobes. [...]

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