Dr. Tim Kesemann is the owner of Odessa Upper Cervical Chiropractic Center in Odessa, Missouri. Inspired by the injury he sustained from a motor bicycle accident when he was 14 years old and how a chiropractor helped him heal his shoulders, Dr. Kesemann decided to pursue a chiropractic career.

He attended Columbia College for his undergraduate degree and pursued his chiropractic education at Palmer College of Chiropractic. In 1989, Dr. Kesemann completed his chiropractic doctorate. Since 1990, he has been offering patients much-needed assistance to manage their condition.

Driven by his passion for helping and spreading awareness on chiropractic care benefits, he has been providing top-notch upper cervical care to the Odessa community for more than 20 years.

Technique/s: Upper Cervical Care

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Misleading Claims About Meniere’s That Patients Need to Know

Misinformation seems a common issue today, thanks to unchecked articles and online video content. For example, there is quite a mismatch in the statistics found online regarding the prevalence of certain conditions. On top of that, many articles write unsubstantiated claims that others never bother to check or compare with the scientific findings from doctors or researchers.  Unfortunately, this leads to misunderstanding and confusion, especially among individuals seeking help for debilitating health concerns like Meniere's. As your go-to professional in upper cervical care, we considered enumerating some of the most misleading claims about Meniere's and the actual and science-backed facts [...]

Barometric Pressure Migraines Are Real, and Here’s How You Can Cope

When you hear about barometric pressure, you automatically picture a weather lady (or man) talking on TV. You rarely hear people associate it with headaches or migraine episodes. But did you know that many individuals have barometric pressure headaches or migraines? It's also one of the leading complaints of patients seeking to correct an atlas subluxation. But what is barometric pressure headache? How does it affect people, and what can affected individuals do to cope?    Barometric Pressure Migraine: What It Is and How It Develops  The American Migraine Foundation shares that more than a third of people who experience [...]

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Secrets to Living with Positional Vertigo

Are you a person who suffers from dizziness? Do you ever feel like your world is spinning right out of control? Are there days when the mere act of standing up or sitting down feels nearly impossible to accomplish? If you're nodding your head, take heart and don't feel disheartened. You are not alone in this endeavor. Vertigo affects about forty percent (40%) of people in the United States at least once in their life. You can't catch it from another person—but if you do have it, you don't need to panic because there are various ways to address and [...]

Can Sunlight Trigger Migraine Headaches?

Are you among the thousands of people who experience worsening migraine symptoms after sunlight exposure? If you are, you may be missing out on the things you used to love doing, like getting a tan on the beach or cycling in the morning. So, how exactly can sunlight trigger migraine headaches? Is there a way to help patients cope? Can a cervical chiropractor help you manage the symptoms so you can get back to your routine? Let’s help you navigate the usual challenges of sunlight-triggered migraine headaches with our guide below.      Light Sensitivity in Migraineurs Did you know that [...]

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Cybersickness: Why Screentime Causes Dizziness

Remote working and online learning have made life more convenient for a lot of people across the United States. For employees, remote working has offered flexible working arrangements. It presents a suitable solution for working parents and those who prefer not leaving their homes. On the one hand, students take advantage of online learning to access their courses without attending school. However, both technological innovations have increased the risk of cybersickness, dizziness, and vertigo attacks from prolonged screentime. Because of this, many people spend their time and resources looking for practical remedies for dizziness and cybersickness.    What is Cybersickness? [...]

Ocular Migraine: Why It’s Gaining More Attention Today

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect various countries, including the US. The government urges people to stay vigilant, especially in detecting possible indications of coronavirus infection such as headaches and light sensitivity. These two symptoms, which mimic that of migraines, are among the top complaints of patients seeking help from doctors.  As a result, some people aren’t sure if they should get tested for COVID-19 or just try migraine remedies. Does this sound familiar? If you’re among the many confused patients out there, our guide on distinguishing COVID-19-related headaches and ocular migraine-caused headaches might be helpful.   What are Ocular [...]

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How Different Age Groups Experience Vertigo

Vertigo and dizzying sensations can happen to virtually any age group. Whether you’re young or old, it can affect you and cause minor to major disruption to your schedule or routine. Have you ever wondered, though, if certain age groups experience these symptoms differently? For example, how do vertigo and dizziness in the elderly feel? Do kids experience less severe attacks? How about the working class? What do they experience when they have a vertigo episode?  It’s also equally important to know what sort of remedies or relief option you can tap into if you frequently deal with vertigo. Learn [...]

What Connection Does Inflammation Have with Migraines?

Besides causing extreme discomfort, migraines can also impact your day-to-day activities. In the USA alone, the economy loses around $13 billion due to migraine-related work disruption. Migraineurs often have a hard time working on their tasks due to the severe throbbing in their head plus other symptoms, including vomiting, nausea, vertigo, and visual aura. Thankfully, nowadays, more and more remedy options are available to ease the symptoms caused by a migraine attack. One of the most popular remedies today is getting chiropractic atlas adjustment. Essentially, it’s a relief option that aims to address migraines and inflammation. Now, you must be [...]

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How Skilled Hands Give Hope to People with Vertigo

“Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul…and sings the tune without words and never stops at all.”  These words were penned in 1862 by Emily Dickinson, one of America’s greatest and most prolific poets. One can only wonder what was in the mind of the reclusive poet when she wrote this poem. She spent most of her time indoors, rarely leaving her home. Her biographers claim that she suffered from vertigo based on her many symptoms, including depression and anxiety.  She wrote more than 1,000 poems in her lifetime. Who knows? She could have written more [...]

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What Happens to the Brain During a Migraine?

Every one of us has likely experienced migraines. However, migraines are more than just terrible headaches. Migraines are neurological disorders that involve brain chemicals and nerve pathways. A bad headache is only one of its symptoms. It includes the following neurological signs: Visual disturbances Headaches  Pounding and throbbing headache on one side of the head  Attacks that last from four to seventy-two hours Nausea and vomiting Dizziness or vertigo Extreme sensitivity to sound, touch, light, and certain scents Numbness or tingling in the face or extremities These symptoms, as well as its severity and frequency, vary from person to person. [...]

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