Author: Dr. John Pairmore

Headache After a Slip and Fall Accident: How it Works

Have you been experiencing mild to severe headaches since you slipped at the grocery parking lot last week? Have you recently fallen and hurt your head while climbing a flight of stairs? Since your accident, have your headaches gotten worse, to the point where you had to cancel plans with loved ones or made compromises […]

Can Concussions Cause Lower Back Pain?

Have you ever suffered a concussion and noticed lower back pain shortly after? You may be wondering, "Why in the heck am I feeling numbness and soreness in the lower back when my injury involved my head?" Indeed, it's difficult to understand what connects these two health mishaps. But, if you work closely with an […]

Why Meniere's Disease is Not a 'Made-up' Disease

Have you ever experienced vertigo and loss of balance? How about losing hearing on one side of the ear and feeling sick because of nausea and vomiting? These symptoms may cause you to panic a little, especially if you are unaware of what's happening. Sometimes you may also experience loss of balance and ringing or […]

Waking Up With An Achy Neck: How To Cope Naturally

Do you wake up every morning with neck pain, wondering when it will ever go away? Have you tried every remedy under the sun, but nothing seems to provide lasting relief? Have you ever had an accident or injury in the past that's caused your discomfort? Did you toss and turn all night, unable to […]

Can Thyroid Problems Lead to Migraines?

Struggling with chronic migraines and a swollen thyroid? Learn why these two problems happen together and how upper cervical care can help!

Secrets to Relieving Sciatica Pain Caused by Prolonged Standing

Learning how to get rid of sciatica can start with understanding your symptoms. Knowing if they come when sitting or standing can make coping easier.

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