Dr. Dustin Ingalls is one of the trusted chiropractors at Genesis Family Chiropractic in Sioux Falls, SD. With his wife, Dr. Ashley Ingalls, they provide NUCCA adjustments and pediatric and obstetric care to the people of South Dakota. In his senior year at West Central High School, he became an award-winning football player. He continued his football career at the University of Sioux Falls, but unfortunately, has sustained a shoulder injury during his freshman year that prompted him to stop playing. Dr. Ingalls fell in love with chiropractic and the NUCCA procedure after they eliminated his shoulder pain and restored his range of motion. He then transferred to South Dakota State University, where he finished a Bachelor of Science in health, physical education, and recreation in 2007. Dr. Ingalls also attended Palmer College of Chiropractic after moving to Davenport, IA, with his whole family. He plans to join the Diplomat of Pediatric Chiropractic program very soon, the highest degree available in any chiropractic field. Visit Dr. Dustin Ingalls’ practice website.

Technique/s: NUCCA method

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Does Sciatica Go Away on Its Own & More FAQs Answered

Sitting for long hours at a computer desk has become the norm in many places around the USA. Sadly, this has become a complete nightmare for many people as they started experiencing searing or burning pain in their lower back, buttocks, and legs. If this sounds familiar, you might also have sciatica,  a neurological disorder that causes debilitating symptoms to millions of Americans. If you suspect having sciatica or already have an official diagnosis from your physician, our list of sciatica FAQs below might help you manage your symptoms more effectively. We have included questions like, “does sciatica go away [...]

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