Author: Dr. Amy Holliday

Smart Hacks to Reduce Neck Pain While Using Your Phone

Do you often catch yourself massaging your neck because of tensed muscles and joints? Have you been struggling to turn your head sideways when conversing with co-workers or people at home? Is it getting more challenging to move around your neck and shoulders? Chances are, your pain stems from all those long hours you spent […]

Morning Vertigo Attacks: Should You Worry?

After a good night's sleep, it's normal to expect a good day ahead. But what if you are caught off guard and wake up with hang-over-like dizziness? All your activities planned for the day may not happen while you figure out what and why it's happening. Or, if you're familiar with the symptoms, you're probably […]

Exercises and Maneuvers That Can Help Relieve Vertigo

Vertigo can lead to balance problems and accidents for many people who have this condition. If you feel you're about to fall over every time you stand up, or if walking makes your head spin in circles, you must see your doctor immediately. This way, you can unriddle what's going on inside your head and […]

Managing Fibromyalgia in Teens: Easy-to-follow Tips

It’s uncommon to hear about fibromyalgia in teens. That’s because fibromyalgia commonly afflicts older people. To date, only 1 to 7 percent of kids and teens have fibromyalgia or other similar health problems. If your child is part of that statistics, it might help to learn a few things about fibromyalgia. You can start with […]

Is Fibromyalgia an Autoimmune Disorder?

Fibromyalgia and autoimmune diseases are two of the most debilitating health problems in the USA. They cause pain, mental health disorders, fatigue, widespread pain and inflammation, as well as a digestive system malfunction. Due to the striking resemblance of the two, some people seeking the help of physicians, neurologists, and fibromyalgia chiropractic doctors think that […]

What Should I Eat for Dizziness?

Dizziness is among the top symptoms that patients report when visiting a doctor. That’s because a long list of diseases or disorders can cause it. Unfortunately, dizziness can be quite a distraction, especially when you’re having a hectic day. It can also leave you incapacitated for hours, depending on the length and severity of your […]

This Natural Solution Can Help With Fibromyalgia

People diagnosed with fibromyalgia often feel helpless when finding ways to cope with the pain. Understandably so as this condition's main characteristic is extensive and overpowering pain. Can you try and imagine what it is like for fibromyalgia in teens? Hopefully, this article helps you understand this ailment and determine if chiropractic care will work as a […]

Can Swimming Cause Vertigo? The Answer Will Surprise You

Do you love swimming but worry you may feel “sick” afterward? Swimming is a fun activity until you get dizzy and feel a false spinning sensation. Dizziness and vertigo often hit swimmers when they use specific swimming strokes or right after being in the pool. Fortunately, they are typically mild and brief, and not a […]

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