Dr. Brandon Hard is the clinic director at Liberty Upper Cervical Chiropractic in Newnan, Georgia. Graduated with honors, he finished his chiropractic education at Life University. In his clinic, Dr. Hard makes sure that his patients feel comfortable when they first walk in for their initial evaluation until they complete the entire process. He encourages questions during his consultations. Dr. Hard also makes sure that everyone involved understands the procedures and approaches. By resolving any concerns at the onset, Dr. Hard believes that clarity helps ensure successful results. Dr. Hard specializes in Orthospinology, a gentle approach that provides ultimate chiropractic care to his patients. He designs customized strategies that target his patients’ specific concerns.

Technique/s: Orthospinology

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12 Possible Triggers of a Vertigo Attack

Vertigo attacks can be pretty unpleasant, especially if they happen several times a month. This is why it’s not surprising why a lot of patients go to a chiropractor for vertigo or other healthcare professionals for help. If you often experience the same problem, you might find it helpful to retrace its possible triggers. This way, you can manage your symptoms better and prevent it from completely taking over your life.  #1. BPPV (Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo) BBPV accounts for the majority of reported vertigo attacks. Studies explain that it develops because of displaced calcium crystals inside the inner ear. [...]

8 Questions About Neck Pain Finally Answered

Having upper neck pain can be horrible, especially if you need to work on many tasks. Unfortunately, while it’s a common health concern, many people don’t know much about it and why it happens in the first place. So, we thought of creating a list of neck pain FAQs and answering each item. Hopefully, we can clear up confusion and help you figure out how you can move forward.      #1. Can a heavy bag cause neck pain?  The neck is, without a doubt, one of the most sensitive body parts because of its uniquely shaped bones. Notably, the upper cervical [...]

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Is Air Travel Possible When You Struggle with Vertigo?

With travel restrictions slowly easing in various parts of the world, old FAQs on vertigo have also resurfaced. These questions focus on whether people with frequent vertigo attacks can travel via plane. Is it possible, or should patients shift to a more vertigo-friendly travel option? What natural remedies for vertigo can help a traveler cope during an episode? Find out more about these questions so you can begin planning your flight to your upcoming destination.   Why Vertigo Happens When You Travel By Plane Thousands of people who experience vertigo episodes dread flying. That’s because they fear that their attacks [...]

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How Does It Feel to Have the Whiplash Syndrome?

Have you ever experienced whiplash syndrome? If you had a car accident, then chances are, you are more than familiar with this common neck injury. The latest statistics reveal that it affects around 3 million American adults every year, with 50 percent complaining about chronic symptoms. It’s also among the leading reasons for visits to the doctor or a cervical chiropractor. But how exactly does it feel to have a whiplash injury? What specific symptoms should you expect to experience? Do whiplash and tinnitus occur together? More importantly, how long before the symptoms disappear? To help you figure out what [...]

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What Is the Best Care Solution for Vertigo?

Vertigo is a common symptom that might indicate an underlying problem in the body. Maintaining a straight neck and head position during vertigo episodes might not be enough to relieve this symptom. Vertigo’s hallmark sign is a false sensation that you or the room you’re in are spinning or moving. What’s boggling about this condition is that it may occur even when you are not moving.  Several vertigo patients through the years have reported that this symptom has a tremendous impact on their daily lives. Some affected individuals find it hard to perform small tasks at home or work due [...]

What Is Migralepsy?

Migralepsy is not an official medical condition. It is a term coined by combining the words migraine and epilepsy. Migraines and seizures can go together, which is probably why some people came up with the term migralepsy.   Understanding Migraines and Epilepsy Since these two often go hand-in-hand, it is vital to know the basics. Migraines Quite a common condition, migraines cause intense headaches that most people find overpowering. Someone who deals with a migraine attack does the following: Opts to stay stationary – a migraine attack triggers vertigo or the spinning sensation. Nausea often comes at the heels of [...]

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