Dr. Scott Hansen is the principal NUCCA doctor at Precision Spinal Care in Laguna Hills, CA. He has been offering compassionate and personalized care to Laguna Hills and its neighboring communities since 2014. Dr. Hansen majored in Biology at the Cleveland Chiropractic College, where he earned magna cum laude honor. After finishing his Doctor of Chiropractic degree, he practiced in Coral Springs, Florida. Years later, he set up his own practice in California. His experience with chiropractic and the NUCCA method began long before he became a practitioner. When he was young, he sustained a back injury while playing hockey and received chiropractic care. As a result, he was adjusted back to health, and his incredible experience was a deciding factor in his choice of a career. In addition, the NUCCA method of chiropractic was a life-changer for him because it has helped him recover from migraines, hypertension, and allergies during his young adult years. Visit Dr. Scott Hansen’s practice website.

Technique/s: NUCCA method

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Why You Have Headaches When You Bend Over

You bend over to reach the keys you dropped on the floor. Suddenly, an agonizing headache sets in, leaving you in shock and significant discomfort. Naturally, this makes you wonder what happened. Is it something serious? Do you need to call a doctor or a chiropractor for migraines? If this isn’t a recurring issue, then you don’t need to seek immediate care. However, if it happens every time you pick something up or bend your back and lower your head, you must narrow down its possible root cause.   Headaches: A Common Source of Pain and Discomfort The World Health [...]

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Do These to Wipe Out TMJ Ear Pain

Was there a time when you thought your TMJ ear pain was just a simple ear infection? Everything seemed fine, and you did not see it as something worth an ounce of worry. So, you ignored it, and you continued to live your life. However, things quickly spiraled down as your ear pain progressed. You noticed that the pain began to radiate to your jaw. In the end, it became severe that simple acts of chewing and talking required too much effort.  You don’t have to retake this path. We encourage you to read this blog until the end. After [...]

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Vertigo After a Head Injury: What Should You Do?

Experiencing frequent vertigo after a head injury can be worrisome and might give you the impression that there is something life-threatening going on. So, how severe is this symptom? Does it call for emergency assistance, or do you only need help from professionals like a chiropractor for vertigo and receive atlas bone adjustment? Join us as we investigate vertigo episodes triggered by head trauma or injury.   Post-Traumatic Vertigo – How It Develops Head trauma due to traumatic brain injuries, concussions, or whiplash is among the leading causes of vertigo in the younger population. Statistics note that while spinning sensations [...]

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Planning for a Neck Surgery? Here’s a Quick Guide for You

When upper neck pain becomes chronic and unbearable, some people consider undergoing surgical operations to find relief. It’s a major procedure that can potentially solve the problem, especially for those with severe radiculopathy on the neck or spinal cord dysfunction. But is it a good option for those with neck pain due to bad posture and neck trauma?  Is it worthy of including in your neck pain management plan? But, more importantly, can it provide better relief than other procedures used for neck pain like NUCCA chiropractic? To help you understand if a neck operation is a good fit for [...]

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Why Muscle Spasms Happen When You Have Fibromyalgia

Living with a disorder like fibromyalgia (FM) can be quite a nightmare. If you do a quick search on patient testimonies, you’ll find an extensive list of people saying that they experience horrible symptoms because of their condition. Some have to miss out on family time. Others can’t get out of bed to work or go to school. The worst part is that when they get exposed to fibromyalgia triggers, they start to feel increased pain all over the body, lack of energy, weakness, nausea, fibro-fog, and depression.  Others, especially those who turn to NUCCA chiropractic for help, also report [...]

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