Dr. Alex Halstead is the founder of Atlas Upper Cervical Chiropractic and a licensed Knee Chest Upper Cervical Doctor. As a former athlete and sports enthusiast, Dr. Halstead got inspired to take up kinesiology with a minor in health promotions at Michigan State University and pursue chiropractic education at the Chiropractic College West in Hayward, CA. Before completing his Doctor of Chiropractic degree, Dr. Halstead also completed a preceptorship at the Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Marin and trained in the Knee Chest Upper Cervical technique. Dr. Halstead is committed to providing high-quality and personalized care for every patient who comes to his practice.

Technique/s: Upper Cervical Care, Knee Chest Upper Cervical

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Misleading Fibromyalgia Beliefs You Must Be Wary Of

If you've recently got diagnosed with fibromyalgia, you likely feel overwhelmed and frustrated by all the misinformation. You may have heard from friends that fibromyalgia is not real and that it is just a made-up diagnosis for any widespread body pains and unexplainable fatigue. But they're wrong. Do not let their ignorance get to you and prevent you from achieving lasting fibromyalgia relief with the help of a doctor or upper cervical physician.   In this article, we'll look at the most common myths about fibromyalgia. While some of these myths may sound legitimate, they're not based on facts and can [...]

Managing Migraines Better By Understanding Important Terms

Migraine is a term that is loosely used yet continues to be misunderstood. It's more than a severe headache; it usually comes with a whole set of debilitating symptoms that can perfectly ruin your day. What's more headache-inducing is when people start talking about migraine jargon, making it more difficult for you to understand what's happening.  Dealing with a chronic condition such as migraine can be complex, but learning about migraine terminologies can help you redefine how to cope and manage your symptoms and even lead you to an efficient way to get migraine relief. In addition, you can arm [...]

Loose Ear Crystals and Neck Bone Misalignments May Cause Vertigo

When you think of vertigo attacks, what are the first few things that come to mind? Loose ear crystals or neck bone misalignments are most likely at the bottom of your list. It’s perfectly understandable because not many people seeking vertigo remedies come forward with these conditions. Several patients are also oblivious to the importance of proper posture and the function of calcium crystals in the inner ears. Hence, we thought of sharing essential facts about these two.   How Loose Ear Crystals Cause Vertigo  Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo can be a mouthful to say. It’s not a condition you [...]

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Surgery for Neck Pain Relief: What to Consider When Deciding

It's no secret that neck pain is common. In fact, nearly half of Americans will experience some form of neck pain at some point in their lives. Many people blame their neck pain on stress, poor posture, or even aging — but these are all just symptoms (or complications) of a much larger issue or problem about your health. If you've had neck pain for a long time, you may have considered undergoing surgery. Neck surgery can relieve chronic neck pain, but it's not always the first recommendation doctors will give you. So, when is it necessary to go under [...]

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How to Help Teens Diagnosed With Fibromyalgia

Most people assume that fibromyalgia only affects middle-aged adults. As a result, many feel taken aback when they hear cases of fibromyalgia in teens. Sadly, cases of fibromyalgia indeed extend to youngsters. The condition causes extreme discomfort that many juvenile patients find challenging to characterize when they speak with their doctors.  If you know someone young who recently got diagnosed with this crippling condition, we suggest reading on as we explain more about fibromyalgia. We also listed a few helpful tips that might come in handy in dampening the effects of fibromyalgia symptoms.   Tell-tale Signs Your Teenager Has Fibromyalgia [...]

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5 Migraine-induced Complications You Should Be Wary Of

Migraines are not just a headache. Instead, they cause varying problems to the affected individuals. For starters, the pain that is causes is more than enough to ruin any plans and make it impossible even to get out of your bed in the morning. However, there is another side effect that most people don't know about when it comes to migraines: the risk of other health conditions. That's right! Migraines can increase the chances of suffering from further complications and diseases. Many patients seeking a chiropractor for migraines are unaware of these problems until they start noticing the symptoms. Let's [...]

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