Author: Dr. Hall

Pregnancy and Post-Partum Migraines: A Guide for New Mothers

Migraines and pregnancy often go hand in hand. Unfortunately, many expecting or newbie mothers feel overwhelmed by this duo, leaving them distraught and distracted while caring for themselves and their unborn or newborn child. Do you share the same plight? Do you know someone who struggles with pregnancy and post-partum migraine attacks? If yes, you […]

70% of Us Spend More Than 6 Hours a Day Sitting Down

Did you know that 70 percent of people spend more than six hours sitting down? Notably, the switch to remote working of people across the country has caused us to work longer than usual. And while it seems that it doesn’t pose any harm to the health, several studies explain that it can cause problems, […]

Vertigo and Ear Pressure: How are They Connected?

Ear congestion or the abnormal buildup of pressure in the ear is more severe than you think. It can impair your hearing ability and lead to debilitating health concerns such as vertigo attacks. This leaves you susceptible to accidents and life-threatening injuries. But how are these two problems connected anyway? How can you address both […]

Bad Bite and TMJ Pain: Tracing the Connection

Do you often experience pain in your jaw when you chew or talk? Have you been going back and forth to the hospital because of persistent ear pain? Chances are, you have a temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. It’s a common problem that affects 12 percent of the US population. Sometimes, it affects adults with worn-out […]

Neck Headache is Real and Here’s How it Feels

Have you ever heard of cervicogenic headache, also known as a neck headache or neck migraine? If you frequently struggle with migraine attacks, chances are, you might have come across neck headaches while reading about remedies like upper cervical care. According to reports, about 24 percent of headaches are cervicogenic. It can result from health […]

BMI and Other Neck Pain Risk Factors

Neck pain has become a regular part of the life of many individuals. It often comes hand in hand with symptoms like headaches. Unfortunately, frequent neck pain and headache can disrupt your routine and affect your overall wellbeing. Have you ever wondered what causes it in the first place? Why is it a widespread problem […]

Nystagmus As a Symptom of Meniere’s Disease

Meniere’s disease is one of the most chronic inner ear disorders, yet it remains largely misunderstood. As a result, answering questions like how long does Ménière’s disease last can be quite a tricky thing to do. Also, many wonder how an inner ear problem causes nystagmus, an uncontrollable movement of the eyes. Is it a […]

Chronic TMJ Pain Remedies That Work

Did you know that the temporomandibular joint controls your jaw movement? The name is a mouthful, but if you consider all the cool things your jaw can do because of this joint – open, close, glide forward, slide backward, move side to side – then it is worth it. The temporomandibular joint is incredible when […]

How to Manage Migraines While in Quarantine

Stay at home.  This is what government officials and health experts declared during the first week of December 2020.  In L.A. County, a three-week ban on all public and private gatherings began, forcing people to stay put in their homes until December 20 of this year. The COVID-19 scare is to blame for this quarantine […]

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