Dr. Shawn Hall is the president and owner of Precision Spine Specialists in Brentwood, Tennessee. His practice has been providing chiropractic care to the Tennessee community since 2009. He attained his bachelor’s degree from Auburn University in 2000. A few years after, he accomplished his doctorate in chiropractic from Life University. An expert in the NUCCA technique, he also mentored and trained in the Orthospinology and the Grostic Procedure. He was one of the board of directors for the Society of Chiropractic Orthospinology and the Grostic Procedure Society. Furthermore, Dr. Hall has received training from the pioneer of the Atlas Orthogonal technique, Dr. Roy W. Sweat. He used to be an instructor in Atlas Orthogonal seminars at Life University.

Technique/s: NUCCA technique, Orthospinology, Grostic Procedure

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Tension Headaches Relief: A Guide for Patients

Tension headaches are ubiquitous, and the pain can be intense. They mostly stem from tight or stiff muscles surrounding your upper cervical spine. Most patients who have it seek help from a physician, therapist, or upper cervical chiropractic doctor. If you often experience this symptom, our quick guide might help you cope better during an attack. Hopefully, by the end of the discussion, you will fully grasp tension headaches and your options for relief.   Tension Headaches Overview Tension headaches are a usual type of headache that affect people of all ages. A tension headache is often due to muscle [...]

Got Injured and Now Suffering from Neck Pain? Read This

Injuries can happen either gradually or abruptly. Sometimes unwanted injuries happen because of accidents. However, some injuries occur due to repeated trauma. Abusing your body by overexerting physical activities or neglecting your needs can deteriorate your spine’s health fast or trigger symptoms of a severe health condition. Some may require medical intervention such as surgery, but some can be managed naturally, such as Upper Cervical Care.   How Injury Triggers Neck Pain An injury that affects your head or neck can lead to torn ligaments and strained muscles that may trigger bouts of neck pain and general discomfort around the [...]

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Alcohol Avoidance To Keep Your Vertigo At Bay

You may have heard that alcohol consumption can trigger or worsen vertigo. The connection between vertigo and alcohol is not a simple one; both may cause unpleasant outcomes like dizziness and dehydration. This article provides a useful overview of how excessive alcohol consumption triggers vertigo and how Upper Cervical Chiropractic can help with it. We will also discuss some tips on other natural ways to alleviate vertigo pain, as well as finding a nearby doctor of chiropractic.   The Relation Between Vertigo and Alcohol Consumption  Vertigo is a symptom of a known or unknown underlying condition. If you experience vertigo [...]

Pregnancy and Post-Partum Migraines: A Guide for New Mothers

Migraines and pregnancy often go hand in hand. Unfortunately, many expecting or newbie mothers feel overwhelmed by this duo, leaving them distraught and distracted while caring for themselves and their unborn or newborn child. Do you share the same plight? Do you know someone who struggles with pregnancy and post-partum migraine attacks? If yes, you might find our quick guide helpful.  Our discussion below will deep dive into some of the most frequently asked questions about migraines and pregnancy, such as:  What migraine triggers cause the worse problems for expecting moms? What are the indications of pregnancy and post-partum migraines? [...]

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70% of Us Spend More Than 6 Hours a Day Sitting Down

Did you know that 70 percent of people spend more than six hours sitting down? Notably, the switch to remote working of people across the country has caused us to work longer than usual. And while it seems that it doesn’t pose any harm to the health, several studies explain that it can cause problems, including lingering upper neck pain and increased risk for various diseases. We’ve listed some of these health complaints and some notable studies. Hopefully, these can help you seek the correct remedy. Upper Neck Pain A study reveals that sitting during your entire work shift can [...]

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Vertigo and Ear Pressure: How are They Connected?

Ear congestion or the abnormal buildup of pressure in the ear is more severe than you think. It can impair your hearing ability and lead to debilitating health concerns such as vertigo attacks. This leaves you susceptible to accidents and life-threatening injuries. But how are these two problems connected anyway? How can you address both issues so you can enjoy a renewed and happy life? Unravel the secrets to dealing with vertigo and ear pressure and finding a sustainable vertigo relief option in our discussion.   Vertigo and Ear Pressure Explained The ears go beyond sensing sounds around you. In [...]

Bad Bite and TMJ Pain: Tracing the Connection

Do you often experience pain in your jaw when you chew or talk? Have you been going back and forth to the hospital because of persistent ear pain? Chances are, you have a temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. It’s a common problem that affects 12 percent of the US population. Sometimes, it affects adults with worn-out TMJ. On the one hand, some cases happen because of issues such as a bad bite.  Let’s trace the connection between a bad bite or jaw misalignment and the onset of TMJ disorder. Furthermore, let’s also look into some common questions patients have, such as [...]

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Neck Headache is Real and Here’s How it Feels

Have you ever heard of cervicogenic headache, also known as a neck headache or neck migraine? If you frequently struggle with migraine attacks, chances are, you might have come across neck headaches while reading about remedies like upper cervical care. According to reports, about 24 percent of headaches are cervicogenic. It can result from health problems like osteoarthritis or sometimes a neck misalignment.  If you suspect having a cervicogenic headache or if you’re curious about how it transpires, our discussion below can help you. First, let’s take a deep dive into how a neck headache feels and what you can [...]

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BMI and Other Neck Pain Risk Factors

Neck pain has become a regular part of the life of many individuals. It often comes hand in hand with symptoms like headaches. Unfortunately, frequent neck pain and headache can disrupt your routine and affect your overall wellbeing. Have you ever wondered what causes it in the first place? Why is it a widespread problem today? Some explain that smartphones and the growing popularity of sedentary work and lifestyle are the main reasons behind this trend. However, other studies also note that certain factors can trigger or contribute to neck pain. Some examples of which include body mass index, previous [...]

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Nystagmus As a Symptom of Meniere’s Disease

Meniere’s disease is one of the most chronic inner ear disorders, yet it remains largely misunderstood. As a result, answering questions like how long does Ménière’s disease last can be quite a tricky thing to do. Also, many wonder how an inner ear problem causes nystagmus, an uncontrollable movement of the eyes. Is it a common symptom among every patient with Meniere’s? What happens when you experience nystagmus, and how do you find relief? Let’s try to dig deep and trace the connections between Meniere’s disease, nystagmus.    An Overview on Nystagmus Essentially, nystagmus is a symptom that causes involuntary [...]

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