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Romberg’s Test for Imbalance and Vertigo: How it Works

Are you struggling with balance problems but can’t put a finger on why they’re happening? Have you been spending long hours looking into helpful diagnostic tests like the Romberg’s to diagnose your condition and gauge if you might need professional assistance?  Quite a number of people with central and peripheral vertigo share a similar experience […]

Deep Breathing Exercises for Migraine Relief

Do you notice worse migraine attacks after a hectic work week? Are your symptoms more painful when you spend too much time computing your monthly budget for your family? Are you worried that your stressors will soon get the best of you and cause long-term problems like job loss and relationship conflicts? It's not surprising […]

Things You Can Do To Reduce Neck Pain As You Age

Your upper cervical spine is a susceptible part of your body and the location of your brain's "circuit switch". Learn how you can care for it as you age.

Vertigo: A Symptom that Strikes Anyone

Vertigo is a symptom that can strike anyone. To avoid this, it's important to take care of your upper cervical region to avoid any nerve issues in your inner ear.

Tension Headaches Relief: A Guide for Patients

Tension headaches are ubiquitous, and the pain can be intense. They mostly stem from tight or stiff muscles surrounding your upper cervical spine. Most patients who have it seek help from a physician, therapist, or upper cervical chiropractic doctor. If you often experience this symptom, our quick guide might help you cope better during an […]

Got Injured and Now Suffering from Neck Pain? Read This

Injuries can happen either gradually or abruptly. Sometimes unwanted injuries happen because of accidents. However, some injuries occur due to repeated trauma. Abusing your body by overexerting physical activities or neglecting your needs can deteriorate your spine’s health fast or trigger symptoms of a severe health condition. Some may require medical intervention such as surgery, […]

Alcohol Avoidance To Keep Your Vertigo At Bay

You may have heard that alcohol consumption can trigger or worsen vertigo. The connection between vertigo and alcohol is not a simple one; both may cause unpleasant outcomes like dizziness and dehydration. This article provides a useful overview of how excessive alcohol consumption triggers vertigo and how Upper Cervical Chiropractic can help with it. We […]

Pregnancy and Post-Partum Migraines: A Guide for New Mothers

Migraines and pregnancy often go hand in hand. Unfortunately, many expecting or newbie mothers feel overwhelmed by this duo, leaving them distraught and distracted while caring for themselves and their unborn or newborn child. Do you share the same plight? Do you know someone who struggles with pregnancy and post-partum migraine attacks? If yes, you […]

70% of Us Spend More Than 6 Hours a Day Sitting Down

Did you know that 70 percent of people spend more than six hours sitting down? Notably, the switch to remote working of people across the country has caused us to work longer than usual. And while it seems that it doesn’t pose any harm to the health, several studies explain that it can cause problems, […]

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