Dr. Jason Granger is a NUCCA chiropractic doctor and the founder of Thrive Spinal Care. He is a proud alumna of the University of Central Florida, where he graduated with flying colors. He trained to become a chiropractic doctor at Palmer College and studied several techniques, including NUCCA care. Currently, Dr. Granger holds a Level II certification as a NUCCA doctor. He is one out of three chiropractic doctors who have this distinction in Florida. Each year, Dr. Granger attends two seminars to hone his skills further and refine his chiropractic techniques. He also participates in conferences to connect with fellow chiropractic physicians and discover the latest upper cervical care research findings. Additionally, Dr. Granger is an active member of world-renowned organizations, including The International Chiropractic Association, The Florida Chiropractic Society, and the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association.

Technique/s: Upper Cervical Care, NUCCA Care

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Prolonged Gadget Use Cause Tech Neck and Other Problems in Children

Do you often leave your kids playing mobile games or watching video content online through their phone, tablet, or iPad for long hours? Do your kids complain about aching necks and shoulders whenever they turn in their gadgets? Are you concerned that the painful sensation can progress into something serious like carpal tunnel syndrome? According to a study conducted in India, tech neck is one of the many symptoms found in children diagnosed with chronic problems like carpal tunnel syndrome. Doctors note that an alarming number develop tech necks due to their hunching posture while checking or scrolling through mobile [...]

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Unlocking Migraine Relief: Can a Daith Piercing Help?

Are you suffering with chronic or acute migraines? Have you been to multiple doctors or tried different treatments, but nothing has helped? You’re probably desperate at this point and want to try anything that can make the severe headaches disappear for good—which brings you to Daith piercing. Can it actually help?   Daith Piercing as a Migraine Treatment  Daith piercing has been circulating among TikTok users for migraine relief. However, most of the evidence is anecdotal. In addition, there is not much sufficient research published about Daith piercing's effect on migraine.  This type of piercing is sometimes called migraine piercing [...]

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Bed Habits That Spell Bad News for Back Pain Sufferers

Back pain is a common problem that people are so quick to sweep under the carpet. It can strike people of various ages, and it comes in a variety of forms. In most cases, back pain will subside if you give your body time to heal. This means that unless your back pain stems from a severe underlying condition like cancer or arthritis, there are steps you can take at home to relieve your symptoms. In addition, we’ll let you in on a little upper cervical care secret that will give you lasting back pain relief.   Bed Habits That [...]

Top 6 Professionals Who Often Have an Achy Neck

It's sad but true that jobs that put too much strain on your neck are quite common nowadays. And because most people don't realize how much their occupation can affect their health, they end up suffering from chronic pain in the neck and back. In this article, we're going to explore some of these occupations and how they might affect your upper cervical spine and cause your neck pain. We'll also talk about some natural ways to prevent them.   Your Upper Cervical Spine The upper cervical spine comprises seven vertebrae that make up the top of your spinal column [...]

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The Possible Dangers of Driving with Migraines

Migraine is among the most debilitating conditions today. It stems from all kinds of problems and causes severe problems for individuals, especially those who lead busy lives. From mild headaches to full-blown migraine attacks, the severity of the symptoms can significantly depend on the quality of your upper cervical health. Even tiny issues with your spine adversely affect your overall health, pain tolerance, and ability to combat ailments and diseases.      What makes it extra alarming is the fact that it can also be quite unpredictable. You may wake up feeling fine but suddenly find yourself in bed because [...]

Sleeping Tips to Reduce Vertigo Attacks

Vertigo is a serious condition that can affect your quality of life, but it doesn’t have to! By learning more about how to have better quality sleep and rest, and the other holistic alternative remedies available to you now, you can start feeling better from this debilitating pain sooner than later!   The Connection between Vertigo and Your Sleep Vertigo is a common medical problem that makes people feel dizzy and lightheaded. It can affect anyone at any age, but it's especially common in older adults. Certain movements can trigger vertigo attacks. If you have vertigo, the best thing to [...]

5 Public Misconceptions About Back Pain

The world is full of misinformation. Unfortunately, if we hear the same thing repeatedly, it is bound to stick, making it more difficult to recognize right from wrong. This article will discuss some common misconceptions about back pain and the most recommended care plan to relieve pain in the upper cervical region. #1. It’s just imagined pain. The notion that back pain is all in your head is one of the most common misconceptions. Back pain can signify serious health problems and can last for months or even years. It’s essential to get assistance and perspective from a doctor if [...]

Ease Neck Pain through the NUCCA Technique

Neck pain is a health issue that most people will experience at least once in their lives. It can stem from poor posture, a lack of exercise, degenerative joint disease, or an accident. Thankfully, regardless of the root cause of your neck pain, you can potentially experience relief through upper cervical chiropractic techniques like NUCCA.  Are you familiar with this technique? If not, let's help you understand how NUCCA care works and how it can lessen the discomfort you experience.   Neck Pain 101 Most people think of neck pain as an isolated problem in the throat area, but it [...]

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5 Ways to Deal with Migraine During Summer

During the warmer season, migraines often cause worse pain. The attacks also become frequent, leaving you at risk of canceling your planned trips and other events. So, whether you have only recently experienced a migraine attack or have been enduring it for years, you might find it helpful to check out some of the tips provided by our chiropractor for migraines. But, before that, let's help you get acquainted with the effects of the summer season on migraine symptoms.   Heat and Migraine Migraine is a condition often caused by stress, an imbalance in the production and distribution of natural [...]

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