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Unlocking the Mystery of Springtime Vertigo

Do you love springtime but, unfortunately, suffer from allergies due to flowers blooming left and right? Do you also notice that apart from your usual allergy symptoms, you also deal with unexplainable dizzy spells that make everything feel worse? Have you ever experienced vertigo during springtime?  That feeling of dizziness, loss of balance, and general […]

1 in 4 Americans Have Back Pain; Here's a Potential Solution

If chronic back pain is interfering with your life, consult with your doctor about other long-term relief options beyond taking ibuprofen for back pain.

Eye Exercises for Vertigo Relief: How They Work

Anyone who visits a chiropractor for vertigo knows that the body perceives movements and maintains balance through the close interaction of several body parts. These include the ears, eyes, and the receptors attached to your neck joints and muscles. So, naturally, ensuring the optimal condition of these body parts can make a significant difference in […]

Back Pain Medications and Your Alternative Option for Relief

If you frequently experience lower back pain, you might be pretty familiar with analgesics. In fact, you might be taking ibuprofen for lower back pain. But how exactly do these work? Is it your only option for lower back pain relief? Did you know that there are two main types of analgesics? Let’s help you […]

Melatonin Supplements and Other Remedies for Vertigo Relief

Finding a sustainable option for vertigo relief is among the number one goals of people diagnosed with vestibular disorders and other conditions that cause spinning sensations. Thankfully, several medical breakthroughs help patients figure out how to stop vertigo in its tracks. A few examples of the proven ways to prevent vertigo attacks include taking melatonin, […]

What to Do If You Have Upper Back Pain and Headaches

Upper back pain and headaches can significantly disrupt your everyday life. They can potentially limit what you can do, especially if they come together. It seems unlikely for backaches to occur with severe bouts of headaches. However, in truth, hundreds of patients report they have the two symptoms, influencing them to seek help from their […]

Managing Vestibular Migraine by Making Simple Diet Changes

When people think of the factors that affect their vertigo episodes, they seldom consider what they eat. Little did they know diet plays a critical role in maintaining good health and reducing the severity of various vertigo diseases such as vestibular migraines. Getting proper nourishment helps speed up the recovery of damaged body parts like […]

How Sitting on Your Wallet Can Cause Sciatica

Are you constantly experiencing lower back pain? Do you ever wonder why you need to take ibuprofen for lower back pain? Did you know that sitting on your wallet can cause back pain? If you are experiencing back pain radiating through your lower back, buttocks, and leg area, you might have a sciatica condition. The […]

Are You Familiar with These 8 Vertigo Facts?

Being spun around if you are dancing can feel exhilarating. Not so much when you are still. Vertigo happens quite often and can affect a lot of people. Relief choices abound, from medications to chiropractors. If you have been considering the latter and entertaining questions like “Is vertigo relief possible if I meet with an […]

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