Author: Dr. Gordon

MRI Scans for Vertigo Diagnosis: Are They Necessary?

Have you ever felt like you were on a never-ending merry-go-round, even when standing still? Have you had moments when the room suddenly spun around you, leaving you disoriented and nauseous? Do you ever struggle to focus on anything, thanks to the constant feeling of dizziness? Vertigo can be incredibly distressing, causing disruptions in daily […]

How Walking Around Nature Can Lessen Migraine Intensities

Are you baffled by the mysterious origin of migraine and the condition’s link to health concerns like atlas subluxation and physical trauma? Have you been going to headache specialists, doctors, or other healthcare professionals like upper cervical chiropractors to find ways to alleviate the symptoms and help migraineurs lead pain-free lives? So far, a lot […]

Everything You Need to Know About Cluster Headaches

Chronic headaches are no joke, and cluster headaches can be particularly debilitating. Cluster headaches are a type of recurring headache that causes severe pain, often accompanied by tearing, redness and watering. In the United States, cluster headache is more common in men than women. This is a huge surprise to many because most people think […]

12 Questions Every Migraineur Can Relate To

What are the typical signs of a migraine episode? Can an atlas bone adjustment help relieve chronic migraine attacks? Is it possible for migraines to worsen with age? These questions are just among the many queries of a migraineur. Can you relate to one or two of these queries? Read on to know the rest […]

Can Constipation Trigger Lower Back Pain?

Thousands of patients go to upper cervical chiropractic practices in the country for back pain. Notably, a significant fraction traces their symptoms to cervical subluxation. On the one hand, others associate their lower back pain with constipation, a digestive problem that affects 16 out of 100 American adults. Do you also experience constipation and lower […]

Yoga Asanas: A Possible Remedy for Vertigo?

Dealing with vertigo episodes several times a day is not fun. That’s why sometimes, patients go to extreme lengths to find vertigo remedies that work for them. If you’re among these people, then you might have heard about Asanas or the practice of doing yoga poses. It has been gaining much traction in the holistic […]

Tracking Your Migraines: What to Put in Your Migraine Diary

It would have been a fantastic day. However, out of the blue, you experience dull pain on one side of your head. You try to ignore it but soon realize that it’s too much to bear. Minutes later, you feel nauseated, and it seems the lights you see are too bright for the eyes. That’s […]

TMJ Pain Relief Ideas: 6 Things That Can Help

We seldom think about the importance of the lower jaw, also known as the mandible. With it, we speak and sing, smile and laugh, chew food and have a drink, yawn, and yes, it even has a role when we kiss a loved one. The realization of the jaw’s importance comes when we develop a […]

Solving Your Neck Pain Through Smart Ways

It does not matter whether you call it neck pain, tech neck, or text neck. It is a real problem that needs a total solution immediately. When you tilt your head forward, the head's weight becomes less supported by the spinal column below it. Therefore, the neck will work harder than usual to keep the […]

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