Author: Dr. Forest

Migraine-Free Thanks to Upper Cervical Care: A Success Story

Do you spend most days worrying about an impending migraine attack? Are you a mother of two or more kids concerned about how another migraine episode will force you to compromise your plans, like going out for a quick meal or driving by the nearest park for a nice picnic? Have you tried every bit […]

Breastfeeding and Neck Pain: Relief Tips for Moms

Are you a new mom who struggle with an achy neck? Are you concerned that your symptom will prevent you from looking after your baby in the best way possible? You’re not alone. Several newbie moms come to clinics and Upper Cervical Care offices because of neck pain. Understanding this pain point, we thought of […]

Vestibular Test Battery: How Can It Help Vertigo Sufferers?

Are your days often occupied by worries brought on by frequent vertigo episodes? Do you wish to know what your symptoms mean and how you can finally put an end to everything? Before you can make any plans and hasty conclusions, you might want to schedule a visit to your doctor for a vestibular test […]

The Truth About Melatonin: A Quick Guide for Migraineurs

Have you been looking for a way to relieve migraine headaches without taking pain medications? Have you considered taking preventative supplements like melatonin but fear your efforts will not translate to the results you hope for?  Indeed, it can be pretty concerning to have a debilitating condition like migraine attacks. If left unresolved, it can […]

Tips for Avoiding Vacation Headaches

While vacation can be a fantastic time to get away from the grind and recharge with family and friends, it also presents some opportunities for headaches to get in the way. Vacation headaches are a common problem for travelers who experience stress and tension in their necks or shoulders while on vacation. They can cause […]

A Senior’s Guide to Overcoming Dizziness and Balance Problems

Are you a senior struggling to keep your balance while doing simple activities? Have you ever felt like the ground is moving beneath your feet when all you’re doing is standing in a corner? Have you had injuries to your lower back, hips, and legs because of sudden bouts of dizziness or unsteadiness? Before things […]

Neck Pain Hacks for Work from Home Moms

Thousands of companies have fully embraced hybrid and remote working arrangements. As a result, many employees, especially career moms, have enjoyed maximum flexibility thanks to this significant adjustment. However, nowadays, more and more people report noticeable neck pain because of their new working arrangements.  Some find relief by taking pain medications. Meanwhile, countless others take […]

Dizziness and Migraine: The Brutal Duo You Shouldn’t Overlook

While this may sound strange, the connection between dizziness and migraine is more common than you might think. So if you are suffering from frequent dizziness and feel like there is more to it, you might want to find a doctor or chiropractor for migraines to help you. First, let us differentiate this duo so […]

8 Vertigo Facts That Undiagnosed Patients Need to Know

Experiencing vertigo for the first time can be pretty overwhelming. It can also become a major stressor if you don't know why you have false spinning sensations in the first place. Because of this, we thought of creating a short roundup of vertigo facts that every undiagnosed patient needs to know. This way, you can […]

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