Author: Dr. Tymothy Flory

Common Health Conditions That Cause Neck Pain

Regardless of your age and gender, neck pain can happen to you. It can be due to poor posture, incorrect sleeping position, holding a particular position for a long time, or repetitive stress on neck muscles. However, some health conditions can cause or aggravate your neck pain. The good news is that most of these […]

Do Natural Remedies for Migraines Work?

Many patients seeking a chiropractor for migraines wonder if simple home remedies can provide ample relief. So, we thought of looking into some of the most popular home remedies for migraines and presenting studies that look into their efficacy to help you understand which ones would work best for you. Hopefully, you can create a […]

90 Million Americans Experience Vertigo and Balance Problems

Vertigo, dizziness, and other balance-related problems are some of the most common difficulties that are natural for humans to face as they grow older. In fact, in the USA alone, about 90 million adults seek healthcare professionals because of vertigo and vestibular problems. Do you happen to share a similar experience? Do you also struggle […]

Memory Issues and Other Problems Caused by Fibromyalgia

Thousands of patients who seek fibromyalgia chiropractic are no stranger to experiencing cognitive problems because of their condition. Notably, many people diagnosed with fibromyalgia struggle to remember things such as where they placed their apartment keys or what they want to say next to the person on the phone.  If this rings a bell, our […]

Moving with a Painful Neck and Shoulder: 6 Simple Tips

Are you struggling to move around because of a painful neck and shoulder? Truth be told, this problem affects quite a significant number of people in the USA. According to statistics, up to 26 percent of adults have this problem. It’s also the leading complaint of patients looking for remedies like upper cervical care. If […]

Salt Withdrawal and Migraine Attacks: What’s the Connection?

Potato chips, aged cheese, cured meats, and french fries are a few examples of foods people constantly crave because of their high salt content. Some can’t last a day without munching on their go-to salty snacks. However, did you know that the same products are among the food items that upper cervical chiropractic doctors don’t […]

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