Author: Gabriel Flores, D.C - Alabang

Take Control of Your Back Pain By Addressing Nerve Compression

Are you constantly having back pain? Is it difficult to stand or walk? Is sitting down a struggle too? How about those back and leg pain you struggle with, even when lying down? Are you losing sleep and meaningful waking hours because of back pain? Can a chiropractor fix a pinched nerve? Living with a […]

Beyond Headaches: How Can Migraines Affect Relationships?

Are your migraine symptoms getting in the way of your relationships? Do you feel grumpier and more irritated than usual because of your pounding headaches, nausea, tunnel vision and other migraine symptoms? Are you scared that your frequent bouts of pain and discomfort will prevent you from making meaningful connections with new people?  If you […]

Influences of an Active Lifestyle On Trigeminal Neuralgia Symptoms

Are you wondering if your lifestyle is helping or preventing you from achieving lasting trigeminal neuralgia pain relief? If so, read on!

Vertigo and Hearing Loss: The Dynamic Duo of Meniere’s Disease

Are you tired of dealing with vertigo and hearing loss? Our guide might be of help! Read on to learn about your condition and Upper Cervical Care.

All About Pinched Nerve-Induced Back Pain

Lower back pain (LBP) is one of the most common reasons people seek medical attention. In fact, it's often the number one reason that people miss work and go on disability. But not all lower back pain is caused by known conditions like arthritis or muscle spasms. In some cases, it can be due to […]

Comparing Migraine and Cervicogenic Headache: A Quick Guide

It is not uncommon for migraine and neck pain to happen simultaneously. In fact, some migraineurs note that they experience mild to severe neck pain during their episodes. Despite being uncomfortable and debilitating, some patients dealing with migraine or cervicogenic headaches choose to suffer in silence, hoping their symptoms will resolve independently. This can happen, […]

A Close Look at 4 Possible Causes of Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal neuralgia (TN) is a chronic pain condition that causes extreme, sporadic, sudden burning, or shock-like facial pain. The term "trigeminal" refers to the trigeminal nerve, which supplies sensation to the face and mucous membranes of the mouth and nose.  TN most commonly involves the second division of this nerve, known as the maxillary division. […]

Vertigo and Its Connection with Different Body Systems

Unknown to many people, vertigo attacks happen because of several dysfunctions in the body. That's why most cases of vertigo attacks require a multi-disciplinary approach. For example, you might need to check with an upper cervical doctor if you need an atlas bone adjustment. On top of that, you should consider narrowing down the root […]

How to Unpinch a Nerve and Stop the Pain

When you have a pinched nerve and wonder about the cause of the pain, your first guess will most likely be different from the actual reason. A pulled muscle, injury-related pain, arthritis, or even torn cartilage are just some conditions that you may associate your pain with. But if you think you have a pinched […]

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