Dr. Emily Elias and her husband, Dr. Alejandro Elias, are certified chiropractors at Victory Spinal Care in Abilene, TX. The couple exclusively practices the Kale Knee Chest Upper Cervical technique. She attended Sherman College of Chiropractic. For years, Dr. Emily had suffered from car sickness, indigestion, post-concussion syndrome, and brain fog that left her constantly feeling tired. After resolving all her symptoms through Kale Knee Chest adjustments, she made it her life mission to provide this form of care to the community of Abilene, especially children. Dr. Emily has served on a chiropractic mission trip to Medellin, Colombia. She plans to join at least one mission trip per year to help people who need health care aid. Visit Dr. Emily Elias’ practice website.

Technique/s: Kale Knee Chest Upper Cervical

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Did You Know? Reduced Stress Can Also Trigger Migraines

Most of us can agree that there’s nothing better than spending your time off on relaxation after a super stressful workweek. Winding down by binge-watching movies or sleeping all day long without a hint of worry is the dream weekend for many people. What a great experience this must be—for people without migraines. Sadly, the case is different for migraineurs. If you experience frequent attacks of debilitating migraine symptoms, you may want to step back from sudden relaxation. Let this blog help you understand why.  Upper cervical chiropractors for migraines are trusted professionals who can help you recognize the different [...]

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