Dr. Alejandro Elias and his wife, Dr. Emily Elias, run Victory Spinal Care in Abilene, TX. The spouses are certified chiropractors specializing in Kale Knee Chest Upper Cervical technique. Dr. Alejandro studied at the University of Puerto Rico-Ponce, then attended Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, SC. He had sleeping difficulties and fatigue in the past, which convinced him to reach out to a chiropractor. He received a Kale Knee Chest adjustment that helped him feel better and changed his life forever. After the one life-changing correction, he began to fully enjoy (and still does to this day) his hobbies such as basketball, volleyball as well as CrossFit and obstacle course racing.

Technique/s: Kale Knee Chest Upper Cervical

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Wishing for Fibromyalgia Relief? 6 Tips For You

As a complex condition, fibromyalgia brings about all kinds of unpleasant symptoms ranging from unexplainable fatigue to intense body ache. But thankfully, fibromyalgia patients today have access to different kinds of treatment or therapy options. Some also tap into chiropractic atlas adjustments to address nervous system imbalances and central sensitization. On top of all these things, thousands of patients cope with their condition by developing a smart and actionable fibromyalgia care plan.  If you haven’t taken advantage of this approach yet, our discussion might come in handy. We’ve gathered six crucial lifestyle adjustments and tips that can help you redefine [...]

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