Dr. Christopher Bunn is the founder and lead chiropractor of the Atlas Clinic in Ogden, Utah. He has been practicing for 20 years in the Ogden area since his graduation from Logan College of Chiropractic in 2001. Initially focused on helping his patients through the “traditional” chiropractic method, which embraces extended care plans and multiple adjustments, Dr. Bunn’s personal experience has guided him to see better the value and efficiency of another style of chiropractic care known as the Atlas Orthogonal (AO). This technique emphasizes the delicate connection between the brain and body that pave the way to measurable improvements and lasting relief in just a few short chiropractic adjustment sessions.

Technique/s: Atlas Orthogonal (AO) Chiropractic

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How Your Body’s pH Level Affects Your Vertigo Attacks

If you're experiencing vertigo but don’t know how it comes about, it is easy to assume that it's just a matter of misinterpreted signals from your inner ears. Now, while that’s true to some extent, some studies note other potential vertigo risk factors or triggers. One example is the body’s pH level. Researchers explain that your body’s pH level can influence several body functions. If it's too acidic or too alkaline, it can cause problems in your digestion and muscle movement. Additionally, it can influence certain factors like aging, cardiovascular tissue damage, and kidney filtration.  In this article, we’ll tackle [...]

Your Pillow Choice And Other Possible Neck Pain Causes

Have you ever experienced waking up with neck pain? If this is something that happens far too often, perhaps it’s time to look for lasting upper neck pain relief. It may also help you find proper care if you know the real reason for your neck pain.  Neck pain can stem from different causes, including poor posture, sleeping in an awkward position, or even something as simple as carrying a heavy backpack. But one common cause of neck pain is actually your pillow choice. Yep, that’s right – your pillow, or lack thereof, could be to blame for your aching [...]

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