Dr. Dustin Dingus is an upper cervical chiropractor practicing at West Pasco Chiropractic Clinic in Trinity, Florida. He graduated from the Palmer College of Chiropractic. He was 9 when he was introduced to chiropractic. Dr. Dingus had a 30-degree curvature in his spine. He was supposed to have a Harrington rod surgery but fortunately found upper cervical chiropractic before it took place. Thanks to a chiropractor, the curvature was corrected in 6 weeks! He was also able to pursue an athletic career in high school. This event shaped his life and passion for the chiropractic profession. He serves the Pasco County community by helping people maintain great health through a balanced and strong nervous system.

Technique/s: Upper Cervical Care

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Botox Injections for TMJ Pain Relief: Do They Work?

Just recently, a BuzzFeed article featured the story of a patient with TMJ pain who tried getting botox injections to deal with the pain. Hannah, the patient, narrated her life-changing experience to spread awareness on TMJ disorders and the potential of botox injections in providing TMJ pain relief. But, how exactly can botox injections help? What can patients expect from the procedure? And more importantly, what other alternatives do patients have, especially if they aren’t keen on receiving botox injections?   What’s TMJD and How Can it Affect You?  TMJ pain is one of the USA's worst and most crippling [...]

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Best Exercises for Sciatica (and Sciatica Exercises to Avoid)

Many patients believe that it’s impossible to maintain an active lifestyle after getting a sciatica diagnosis. However, in truth, you can still enjoy a couple of physical activities. Read through the discussion below to learn about the best exercises for sciatica as well as the sciatica exercises to avoid. Hopefully, by knowing about these things, you can avoid aggravating your symptoms and improve how you navigate through the daily challenges brought by sciatica.     Get Diagnosed Before Anything Else Some doctors and researchers argue that sciatica isn’t a particular condition but a symptom of another health problem. That’s why sometimes [...]

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