Author: Dr. Dustin Dingus

Cervical Chiropractor Helped Migraineur Regain Confidence

Do you wake up with a pounding headache that turns into a migraine? Do you get sleepless nights because of your symptoms? Do you dread going to work, or are you forced to cut your hours because the pain makes it impossible to function? Do you feel your life has been put on hold because […]

Top Challenges of Living with Vertigo and Hearing Loss

Are you tired of feeling dizzy and disoriented? Do you struggle to hear the world around you? Have you had to change your lifestyle drastically because of your problematic symptoms? Understandably, living with vertigo and hearing loss is nothing short of challenges and frustrations. It can be debilitating and isolating at times too. Without a […]

TMJD Up-close: Why Many Women Suffer Worse Jaw Pain

Have you ever had to cancel plans or miss work due to jaw pain? Does your face feel sore or tired, or do you hear clicking sounds when you chew or talk? If you're nodding your head at all these right now, you may be one of the many women experiencing the discomfort of TMJ […]

How Can Low Back Pain Affect Emotions?

Is low back pain making it harder and harder for you to work or attend to chores? Do you feel frustrated by how your symptom is slowly taking control of every aspect of your life? Do you think it’s better to just stay at home and wait until your low back pain diminishes in intensity? […]

Fibromyalgia and Cold Intolerance: What's the Connection?

Are you one of those who experience cold intolerance you think is linked to your fibromyalgia diagnosis? While the exact cause of this connection is unknown, there are things you can do to cope better and find relief. Learn more about them here!

Subtle Daily Routines That Cause Neck Pain

It is important to understand that many factors can cause neck pain. If you want to learn more about them, visit an upper cervical chiropractor in your area.

How to Know If You Have Serious Migraine Problems

If you're someone who suffers from frequent and recurring migraine attacks, you might be wondering what it means. Let's help you understand your situation and determine how you can move forward better with the help of upper cervical care consultations. Also, we will tackle additional topics like differences between migraine and migraine with aura so […]

Cervical Vertigo and Neck Pain: Tracing Their Connection

Are you having a hard time because of vertigo attacks that result from previously sustained neck injuries or compromised cervical spine? Chances are, you have cervical vertigo, a health complaint common to patients seeking an Upper Cervical Chiropractic doctor. It's a widespread concern that rarely poses immediate health threats but can increase the risks of […]

Jaw Pain: Your Teeth Grinding Might Be The Culprit!

Several reasons can cause jaw pain. Some might stem from dental issues, while others can be due to nerve problems or muscle and joint issues. Approximately 10 million people are suffering from jaw issues in the US alone which can be linked to a locked jaw, pain or tenderness in the jaw, and pain around […]

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