Dr. Dustin Dingus is an upper cervical chiropractor practicing at West Pasco Chiropractic Clinic in Trinity, Florida. He graduated from the Palmer College of Chiropractic. He was 9 when he was introduced to chiropractic. Dr. Dingus had a 30-degree curvature in his spine. He was supposed to have a Harrington rod surgery but fortunately found upper cervical chiropractic before it took place. Thanks to a chiropractor, the curvature was corrected in 6 weeks! He was also able to pursue an athletic career in high school. This event shaped his life and passion for the chiropractic profession. He serves the Pasco County community by helping people maintain great health through a balanced and strong nervous system.

Technique/s: Upper Cervical Care

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Fibromyalgia and Cold Intolerance: What’s the Connection?

Living with fibromyalgia is no easy feat. This condition is known for widespread pain, fatigue, and other symptoms that can make everyday tasks a real challenge. If you have been recently diagnosed with this condition, you may need some time to process everything, learn about your symptoms, identify your fibromyalgia triggers, and how you can cope. Some people can experience symptoms more than others. This is perfectly normal because this disease has similar reports of symptoms and causes and is unique to each person. For example, some may experience more intense cold intolerance than others diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Unfortunately, there [...]

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Subtle Daily Routines That Cause Neck Pain

You may be unaware that some of your daily routines can cause neck pain. There are many ways to prevent or manage neck pain, but it is always better to avoid it in the first place. Follow these tips and tricks to keep your upper cervical spine healthy and strong. Lifting Not-So-Seemingly Heavy Objects The first cause of neck pain is lifting objects that you may not think are heavy but, in reality, are. For example, when you’re at home and need to take an object from one place to another, it might seem like it isn’t heavy at all. [...]

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How to Know If You Have Serious Migraine Problems

If you're someone who suffers from frequent and recurring migraine attacks, you might be wondering what it means. Let's help you understand your situation and determine how you can move forward better with the help of upper cervical care consultations. Also, we will tackle additional topics like differences between migraine and migraine with aura so you can better manage the impacts of your condition.    Are Migraines A Cause of Concern? Migraine, is a neurological concern that affects one's brain in many ways. It is characterized by severe, recurring headaches with or without warning signs. Oftentimes, it results from a [...]

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Cervical Vertigo and Neck Pain: Tracing Their Connection

Are you having a hard time because of vertigo attacks that result from previously sustained neck injuries or compromised cervical spine? Chances are, you have cervical vertigo, a health complaint common to patients seeking an Upper Cervical Chiropractic doctor. It's a widespread concern that rarely poses immediate health threats but can increase the risks of slipping, tripping, and other freak accidents. Learn more about cervical vertigo and its close relationship with atlas subluxation and neck pain.   Cervical Vertigo and Neck Pain Relationship Did you know that there is a perfectly logical reason why neck pain and vertigo attacks often [...]

Jaw Pain: Your Teeth Grinding Might Be The Culprit!

Several reasons can cause jaw pain. Some might stem from dental issues, while others can be due to nerve problems or muscle and joint issues. Approximately 10 million people are suffering from jaw issues in the US alone which can be linked to a locked jaw, pain or tenderness in the jaw, and pain around the ears, neck, and face. Notably, a significant fraction of these cases stems from a damaged or irritated temporomandibular joint (TMJ), causing great pain and discomfort. The kind of pain that is next to impossible to ignore and enough to convince you to look for [...]

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Sitting and Sciatica: What’s the Connection?

Sciatica is a condition that can rear its ugly head at any time, usually without warning. If you're one of the many people who suffer from sciatica, you know how debilitating it can be, and you constantly pursue effective ways to get rid of sciatica. But even if you've never experienced sciatica firsthand, it's essential to be aware of the risks and symptoms associated with this condition. You might be one of those at a higher risk of developing this condition, so it pays to be informed to protect yourself against this painful disorder. Do you know if you're at [...]

Getting a Fibromyalgia Diagnosis Can Take Five Long Years; Here’s Why

Fibromyalgia in children and adults comes with many challenges. People living with fibromyalgia deal with many uncomfortable symptoms, but it’s not the only thing that makes this health condition challenging to bear. Apart from not having a cure, fibromyalgia is also a complex illness to diagnose.  Things will be so much easier if there is a test kit that can immediately show whether you are suffering from this condition or not. Perhaps a lab test where they extract blood will also make the diagnosis much simpler. Unfortunately, things don’t come that easy when it comes to fibromyalgia. Instead, both doctor [...]

How to Ease Tension in Neck Due to Stress

Have you been suffering from tense or painful neck muscles even when you haven’t really done anything out of the ordinary? If so, then you could be experiencing stress neck pain. In this article, we will talk about this simple yet irrefutably painful condition, especially if ignored for too long.   What is Stress Neck Pain? Stress neck pain is a condition that results from the stress and strain of everyday life. It can affect people of all ages, and in some cases, it can be a sign of an underlying health condition, such as herniated discs. This condition occurs [...]

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6 Food Products That Spell Bad News for Migraineurs

Several patients visit an upper cervical chiropractic practice every day. Notably, most of these individuals follow a strict diet to avoid food products that set off an episode. Are you familiar with the most commonly reported migraine food triggers? If not, we rounded them up in our discussion below. Hopefully, by familiarizing yourself with these food items, you can manage your migraine attacks better.  Before we deep dive into the different migraine food triggers, let us look into how migraine headaches work. This way, you have a better idea of what you can do when you have an episode.   [...]

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Spinning Sensations: 4 Possible Reasons Why You Have Vertigo

Researchers reveal that at least five percent of the American population suffers from vertigo or spinning sensations. If you or someone you love experiences frequent bouts of vertigo, read on and equip yourself with helpful knowledge on how best to manage this symptom. This article will delve into how it affects the body, what conditions can set off an attack, and which vertigo remedies can prevent recurring episodes.   What is Vertigo? Vertigo causes disorienting effects on the mind and body. It fools the brain into sensing false movements even when you stay perfectly still. Notably, it’s not a separate [...]

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