Dr. Terry Crowder is the founder and upper cervical chiropractor at Crowder Specific Chiropractic in McKinney, Texas. He is a graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic University. He opened his own practice in the fall of 1991 after working as an associate at the McKinney Chiropractic Center for 20 years. Dr. Crowder has been serving the Texas community for more than ten years through Upper Cervical Care. Dr. Crowder has been on multiple Upper Cervical mission trips to different countries, including Bulgaria and Guatemala. The chiropractor has spent six years studying and perfecting the Upper Cervical method.

Technique/s: Upper Cervical Care

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Say Goodbye to Rebound Headaches in 5 Simple Steps

Just the thought of dealing with rebound headaches is enough to make anyone grimace. However, if you’re guilty of overusing pain medications to manage your aching or throbbing head, you become more and more prone to experiencing rebound headaches. As a website for upper cervical awareness, we thought of helping you figure out how to minimize (or possibly eliminate) the headache on top of the head that arises from drinking too many pain relievers.   Why is My Pain Medication Causing Me Worse Pain? Medications used to cope with a dull headache on top of the head can provide instant [...]

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How to Stop Neck Pain When You Work on Your Computer

Many jobs today require sitting and working in front of a computer. Working on your computer all day can be tiring. Apart from the usual work stress, you can also be susceptible to physical stress even when you’re only sitting down. Working at a desk for extended periods may lead to neck and back pain as well as nausea. The culprit for this is bad posture, the way you sit at work. Bad posture may cause the neck pain and nausea you experience. Sometimes, people forget the importance of our necks. It is one of the most hardworking parts of [...]

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How to Tell if Your Vertigo is BPPV

Vertigo is the feeling that everything around you is just spinning rapidly out of control. It is quite discomforting. Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) is the most likely factor that causes vertigo. BPPV's dizzying spells can be moderate to severe, and people of all ages can suffer from this. For this reason, many seek ways to get vertigo relief for their BPPV. Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo can be quite a mouthful. Knowing what every word means will help you better understand this condition. Benign implies that this is not deadly. Paroxysmal refers to how and when this occurs. It can [...]

What Are Hemiplegic Migraines?

Hemiplegic migraines are rare and belong to the extreme types of migraines. Before we fully explain their characteristics, let us first go over what migraines are in general. In the latter part of this blog, we will also discuss the other types of migraines that anyone can deal with and a natural method to get rid of migraines successfully. Migraines are a neurological disease that occurs when the brain becomes over-excitable in specific areas. It leads to a pounding or throbbing headache. However, that is not always the case. Sometimes, the headache does not appear in migraines. Instead, patients deal [...]

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What is Straight Neck Syndrome? A Simple Guide

What is Straight Neck Syndrome? Neck injury at the base of the skull can cause straight neck syndrome. The atlas and axis vertebrae surround and protect the brainstem. Injuries or trauma to the neck cause spinal misalignments and lead to an imbalance in posture due to irritation to the brainstem.  Here are some factors that may cause misalignment: Whiplash Sports injuries Car accidents Slipping, sliding, and falling incidents A blow to the head or neck Straight neck syndrome or loss of neck curve is a widespread condition nowadays. A standard neck posture shows a reversed C-shaped curve of the neck, [...]

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5 Things You May Not Know About Vertigo

Vertigo is such a common symptom that you may feel you know everything about it. Perhaps you have already scoured the Internet for everything there is to know. We’re going to dig deep to try and provide you with a few facts you may not know. Even if you end up being familiar with a few of them, be sure to read to the end of the article to learn about a unique way that some patients have found help for their vertigo episodes. You Probably Won’t Find Out What Is Causing Your Vertigo We hate to provide you with [...]

How to Tame the Top Migraine Triggers

Migraines are a neurological condition that affects tens of millions of people across America and many more millions globally. However, despite how prevalent migraines have become, treatment options are still minimal. One of the things that doctors recommend is keeping a migraine journal so that you can learn your triggers and avoid them. Whether you are writing on paper or using one of the many migraine apps, you may discover that you have some of the more common migraine triggers. We are going to take a look at some of these and see what you can do to try and [...]

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What a Crick in the Neck Means & How to Get Rid of a Neck Crick

You wake up in the morning with the worst crick in the neck of your life. It is stiff, sore, even painful. You try to turn your head to see if it will loosen up a little, but even your range of motion is restricted. What does it mean? How did it happen? Is there any way to get rid of a neck crick naturally, or do you just have to take pain pills when you wake up feeling this way? We will address the answers to these crucial questions in our article and help you to find genuine relief.  [...]

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Finding Natural Relief from All 4 Migraine Phases

With 39 million Americans suffering from migraines, there is no other neurological disorder that even comes close. At the same time, we still have a lot to learn about this potentially chronic health condition. We’re going to point you in the right direction to help you find natural relief from migraines. But first, we need to address the fact that there are up to four migraine phases depending on the type of migraines you get. Let’s take a closer look at these phrases.  Migraine Prodrome: The First Phase Sometimes referred to as the premonitory phase, migraine prodrome consists of symptoms [...]

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Central Vertigo vs. Peripheral Vertigo: What’s the Difference?

Vertigo is the terrible and unsettling sensation of having your environment whirl around you. It could also be a feeling that you are spinning out of control even though you’re not moving.  If you’ve ever ridden a spinning amusement park ride, you can understand firsthand what it feels like. However, for true sufferers, this feeling can happen for seemingly no reason, all of a sudden, at any time. It’s important to understand that vertigo is not its own diagnosis.  Rather, it is a symptom that occurs with many conditions. It’s essential to understand where it’s coming from in order to [...]

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