Dr. Mercedes Cook is the owner of Upper Cervical Chiropractic San Diego in San Diego, California. She is a qualified Doctor of Chiropractic and has the license to practice in California state. After graduating from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, she attended Life University in Marietta, Georgia, where she earned her doctorate in Chiropractic. During her study, she focused on Upper Cervical with some extra training in pediatrics and prenatal care. Dr. Cook received her first upper cervical adjustment when she was 18 and had severe hip pain. After her recovery, she realized soon after her calling was to be an upper cervical chiropractor. She is passionate about helping families, pregnant mothers, and children have the healthiest lives possible. Her wish is to have a health care shift in America through chiropractic.

Technique/s: Upper Cervical chiropractic

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6 Tips for Managing Migraine Episodes at Work

For people who suffer from migraines, the mere thought of managing an episode while fulfilling your roles at work can seem daunting, if not impossible. In addition to the physical discomfort and severe head pain, migraines can cause nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, and fatigue, making it difficult to focus on your job. So, how can you possibly manage migraines at work? Is there a formula or a step-by-step guide to making your life easier?  Migraine hits every person differently. Finding the best methods to relieve your symptoms may take trial and error. You may need to explore different [...]

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Guide to Managing Inner Ear Infections in Adults

Inner ear infections is caused by infections, bacteria, or fungi that enter your body through your eardrums or through the nose or mouth. In some cases, it is due to an inflammation inside your ears that is affecting the function of the major nerves in the system. It can have some very incapacitating symptoms, such as hearing loss or vertigo, so it will be beneficial to know more about this part of your body and how you can protect yourself from infections.   Inner Ear Anatomy and Function The inner ear is a balance system, hearing system, and vestibular system [...]

Can Nerve Compression Get Worse?

Nerve pinching, compression, or irritation are relatively common among Americans. However, not many people know that they have this health concern. Others also take their nerve health for granted, thinking it won't get any worse. If you happen to be among these people, our discussion on nerve compression might enlighten you on the risks that it poses to your overall health. Read on to learn what happens if you don't get help for your pinched nerve and how an atlas bone adjustment can help you improve your symptoms.   What is Nerve Compression? Nerve pinching or compression affects 85 out [...]

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How Dysfunction in the Upper Neck Triggers Migraine

Migraines are no ordinary type of headache or ailment. In truth, it’s a neurological disorder that triggers a laundry list of symptoms, such as throbbing and pounding pain on one side of the head. In some cases, the head pain can take place on both sides of your head. Migraine attacks have varying triggers and risk factors, including age, gender, and genetics. Sometimes, it can also arise from postural problems. Unknown to many, a dysfunction in the upper neck can trigger migraine and neck pain.  Are you familiar with your specific migraine triggers? If not, we suggest going through our [...]

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What to Expect When You Visit a Chiropractor for Vertigo

Have you been to a chiropractor before? Is upper cervical chiropractic something you’re considering as a natural procedure to help you? If you’ve been hearing or reading testimonials from people and want to know more about how a chiropractor for vertigo can help you get lasting relief and manage your debilitating symptoms, well, you’re in the right place! Upper Cervical Awareness connects vertigo patients to chiropractic professionals who can help them get back to their normal lives—free from the challenges and difficulties that go with their condition. If you have questions in mind or you’re worried and nervous about the [...]

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How To Deal With A Pinched Nerve In The Shoulder

Most people immediately associate shoulder pain with muscular problems, not knowing that their symptoms might have a neurological origin after all. That’s why sometimes, they notice minimal improvement after taking NSAIDs or muscle relaxants. Thankfully, some people already know about nerve pinching and how natural remedies like upper cervical chiropractic can help get to the bottom of the problem.  If you frequently complain about an achy shoulder that prevents you from moving around or working on crucial tasks, our list of natural and holistic pain remedies might help you turn things around. But before you deep dive into that, we [...]

Do Migraines Cause Eye Twitching?

As a complex condition, migraine causes symptoms. Most patients only experience a headache behind the eyes, vomiting, nausea, and sensory sensitivity. However, others complain about migraine eye twitching which causes involuntary eye or eyelid movements. While it doesn’t pose a serious threat, eye twitching can most definitely cause inconveniences, not to mention discomfort.  Most people note that their eye twitching appears simultaneously with other migraine symptoms. Others, on the one hand, say that it triggers their headaches.   Migraines are More than Intense Headaches Many people think that a headache behind the eyes is the only hallmark symptom of migraine [...]

What’s BPPV, The Condition Stephen Colbert Lives With?

Stephen Colbert, a comedian and The Late Show host, told a big revelation to his beloved audience on the holiday issue of Vanity Fair. The entertainer opened up about his Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo condition. According to Stephen, he has been experiencing the symptoms during the weekend before the 2020 United States Elections. He found the spinning sensation entertaining at first until he started falling when standing up. The comedian began to worry as soon as his vertigo attacks became odd and out of control.   Let us clear some facts about Stephen Colbert's condition and share some tips to get Benign [...]

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How Does an Inflamed Trigeminal Nerve Feel?

Did you know that roughly 150,000 people in the US feel pain when they smile because of trigeminal neuralgia? It’s a widespread chronic pain disorder that can severely impact your physical, mental, and psychological well-being. Most of these patients seek upper cervical care or take medications like pain relievers and anticonvulsants to cope.  Have you ever wondered what causes this condition? How does it affect an individual? More importantly, what does the trigeminal nerve have to do with the pain?    Trigeminal Nerve Anatomy A muscle can’t move without the innervations supplied by veins. In the case of the facial [...]

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How Do I Fix Neck Pain From Bad Posture?

Besides the coronavirus situation, thousands of people working from their homes also worry about having a bad posture and its effects, such as persistent upper neck pain. For some people, the pain gets so bad that it drastically affects one’s ability to complete work, personal errands, and other tasks. Others also complain of neck pain that triggers additional problems like headaches and vertigo episodes.  As the remote work setup becomes the new normal, learning how to maintain an excellent posture becomes even more critical. Otherwise, you might have to deal with recurring neck pain every month. Read on to learn [...]

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