Dr. David Claggett is a Knee Chest chiropractic doctor and the founder and owner of Genesis Chiropractic. He graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic with a certification in Advanced HIO Knee Chest and Upper Cervical Revolution. Today, he continues to hone his skills as a chiropractic doctor by attending seminars and supplementary courses. Patients best know him for his heartfelt commitment to caring for families and providing quality chiropractic care to unlock improved health and wellness.

Technique/s: Knee Chest, Upper Cervical Chiropractic

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Men’s Guide to Coping with Sciatica

Several men seek chiropractic atlas adjustments for sciatica relief. And yet, not many men fully grasp the intensity of low back pain or sciatic nerve compression. As it turns out, men develop sciatica or low back pain up to three times more than women. So, we thought it would help to lay out everything there is to know about sciatica in men and how to manage the pain. Hopefully, our discussion will help you make necessary adjustments to your lifestyle to avoid aggravating sciatica symptoms.   Sciatica in Men: Quick Facts  Sciatica can develop at any point in life. But, [...]

Fibromyalgia and Migraines: Why Do They Occur Together?

Fibromyalgia afflicts about 4 million Americans, yet not many are not familiar with it and its crippling symptoms. Some even don’t know that fibromyalgia and migraines happen together for a reason. Suppose you’re someone looking for a way to live normally despite a fibromyalgia diagnosis. In that case, we believe you will find it helpful to know everything about fibromyalgia and its connection to migraine attacks.   Fibromyalgia and Migraines: What’s the Connection? Statistics reveal that up to 36 percent of people with recurring migraines also have fibromyalgia. Sadly, studies haven’t managed to determine the exact mechanism behind the two [...]

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