Author: Dr. David Claggett

Lower Back Soreness After Deadlifts: Is It Normal?

Are you a gym rat? Or a fitness buff who enjoys different fitness routines, from running to deadlifts? Have you ever been excited to hit the gym for a grueling deadlift session, only to wake up the next day with a sore lower back? Do you wonder if this is normal? Or can it result […]

Vertigo for 3 Weeks: What Are the Possible Causes?

Have you ever experienced vertigo's dizzying sensation leaving you feeling helpless and frustrated? Can you imagine enduring that feeling of your surroundings spinning uncontrollably, making you feel disoriented and out of balance for weeks? Did you ever have to sacrifice your social life or hobbies because of your unpredictable vertigo episodes? If you answer yes […]

Nasal Sprays for Migraines: Do They Work?

Do you suffer from migraines and feel like finding relief is a hopeless crusade? Do you fear you’ve exhausted every possible way to cope with your frequent migraine episodes? Don’t give up just yet! Chances are, you have overlooked two other potential sources of migraine relief: using nasal sprays and receiving chiropractic atlas adjustment. Read […]

Avoiding Back Pain While Gardening: Best Kept Secrets

Do you love tending to your garden but fear that you will suffer from chronic neck stiffness and tenderness in your back at the end of the day? Are you scared that the aching will keep bothering you and cause significant impacts on your life? Your fear and worries resonate with quite a lot of […]

Can Long Road Trips Cause Vertigo?

Long road trips lead to vertigo, and if you're asking what is vertigo's connection with that, sometimes certain head movements can trigger episodes.

Basilar Migraine: A Rare and Dangerous Type of Headache

If you have ever experienced a migraine, then you know how debilitating it can be. Migraines are often categorized into three general categories: basilar, hemiplegic, and common. However, there are many subtypes of migraines that fall under each main category. In this article, we want to cover one such subtype: basilar migraines, and how upper […]

Men’s Guide to Coping with Sciatica

Several men seek chiropractic atlas adjustments for sciatica relief. And yet, not many men fully grasp the intensity of low back pain or sciatic nerve compression. As it turns out, men develop sciatica or low back pain up to three times more than women. So, we thought it would help to lay out everything there […]

Fibromyalgia and Migraines: Why Do They Occur Together?

Fibromyalgia afflicts about 4 million Americans, yet not many are not familiar with it and its crippling symptoms. Some even don’t know that fibromyalgia and migraines happen together for a reason. Suppose you’re someone looking for a way to live normally despite a fibromyalgia diagnosis. In that case, we believe you will find it helpful […]

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