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Can Migraines Get Worse After A Motorbike Accident?

Have you ever experienced the excruciating pain of a migraine? Have you had pulsing aching sensations in your head that leave you feeling helpless, isolated, and unable to function or even move? Now imagine that pain being magnified, intensified, worse, and more unbearable. Imagine what will likely happen to you and how this would affect […]

Can a Pinched Nerve Cause Shoulder Pain?

Are you tired of dealing with painful shoulders that seem to carry the weight of the world? Have you been feeling a sharp or searing pinch in your shoulder that seems to linger even after a good night's sleep? Well, don't worry, because we might just have the perfect guide to figure out why you […]

How Upper Cervical Care Freed a Senior from Meniere’s Grasp

Do you feel you've lost all hope of finding relief from Meniere's disease? Do you feel tired of trying different ways only to be disappointed with no signs of improvement? Do you ever feel like all the money and time you spent finding relief are going to waste? Does it seem like your life is […]

Ecotherapy for Migraine Relief: How Does it Work?

Do you feel exhausted and frustrated with the migraine episodes that render you powerless and hopeless? Despite trying various treatments, are you unable to find a solution? If you haven't attempted this yet, here's something you might consider trying! As it turns out, more and more people are taking advantage of nature’s healing power. Researchers […]

Do Pinched Nerves in the Neck Require Surgery?

Surgery and non-invasive options such as upper cervical care, physical therapy, steroid injections, or medication can help address your pinched nerves.

Are Essential Oils for Vertigo Worth Trying?

Are you struggling with vertigo attacks? Check out our list of essential oils for vertigo relief and our discussion on an alternative option you can try.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic: A Natural Remedy for Headaches

Headaches are one of the most common causes of pain. They are too common that 45 million Americans deal with them every year, with over 8 million visiting their doctors. Even patients who seek Upper Cervical Chiropractic bring up concerns about headaches that interfere with their daily lives. The pain caused by headaches can be […]

Pinched Nerve Locations: Where Can They Occur?

If you’ve heard of pinched nerves, you likely have an idea how they can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort. Unfortunately, it’s a pain that can be difficult to ignore. Sometimes you have to stop your activities as the ache becomes unbearable. Upper Cervical Care is one pain relief option for patients with […]

Managing Vertigo Made As Easy As ABC

Having vertigo can be very unsettling. Many people experience vertigo, and this condition interferes with their lives so it is imperative to find a vertigo relief plan that is simple and manageable to lessen not just the discomfort it causes but also its effects on your overall life and wellbeing.  Thankfully, there are only three […]

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