Dr. Breuwet is the founder and owner of Upper Cervical Hawaii in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is dedicated to Upper Cervical Care, specifically the National Upper Cervical Care Association (NUCCA) technique. He has been a Hawaii chiropractor for more than five years. A former General Manager in a company in the hotel industry, he switched career after ten years to follow his ultimate passion of providing natural health care to patients. He then studied at the Palmer College of Chiropractic, where he learned the various types of chiropractic and fell in love with the most specific and precise form of chiropractic care—the NUCCA technique. Since his graduation, and to this day, he continues to pursue and practice the said method.

Technique/s: NUCCA Technique

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Put an End to Low Back Pain Through These Helpful Tips

It's common for many people to experience and complain about low back pain. Even regular Upper Cervical Care patients complain about the discomfort when they have back aches. Fortunately, there are different ways you can try that can potentially help get rid of your chronic low back pain naturally.  The rise of professionals working from home with no proper office chair or work setup can also contribute to many patients seeking low back pain relief. Unfortunately, this type of pain can interfere with your daily tasks. As it worsens, you may struggle with your usual activities, including bathing, driving, or [...]

Got a Pinched Nerve? Try These Before Going To A Neurosurgeon

If you have a pinched nerve, the first thing to do is consult with your doctor, as you might need surgery. However, there are alternatives for managing pain and addressing the underlying cause of pinched nerves without resorting to surgery. Here are the details on the available options.   Some Facts About Pinched Nerves A pinched nerve is a common problem that can cause pain in the neck and back. It's also often referred to as nerve compression, though this term can be misleading. While pinched nerves are certainly compressed, they don't necessarily become pinched by something that fits into [...]

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3 Natural Remedies That Can Improve Meniere’s Disease

Meniere's disease is a vestibular disorder indicated by vertigo, hearing loss, ringing in the ears, and a sensation of ear fullness. It is not uncommon to have an ear infection related to Meniere's disease, which is often addressed with medication such as antibiotics. However, antibiotics are not the healthiest choice for any vertigo-related conditions as they are likely to reoccur. Fortunately, there are various natural and available forms of vertigo relief that people can choose from, to help manage their symptoms of Meniere's disease and reduce their dependency on prescription medications.   Meniere's Disease in a Nutshell Meniere’s disease is [...]

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Top 5 Causes of Lower Back and Knee Pain

Some people say you're not getting any younger when you start to have lower back and knee pain. While there is some truth to it, they don’t only happen to older adults—even children and adolescents can get them! Regardless of your age, sitting on your desk for too long, lifting something heavy, and engaging in sporting activities may bring out symptoms you are not used to, such as lower back and knee pain.  It pays to get yourself familiar with the common causes of lower backache and knee pain so you can identify and catch symptoms. Straight out ignoring the [...]

Brachioradial Pruritis and Its Unexpected Remedy

Have you ever experienced unexplainable arm itching? Usually, itching occurs because of irritation, a skin condition (like dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis), or an allergic reaction. It can also happen after a rigorous workout session because the capillary beds and arteries need to expand to accommodate the increased blood flow. Interestingly, itching, specifically on one arm, can also occur because of brachioradial pruritis, a chronic neurological condition that affects the forearms.  Besides itching, it can also cause burning sensations that can worsen at night. Flare-ups can also occur after prolonged exposure to the sun. While it can disappear after limiting sun [...]

Vertigo: Some Uncommon Causes of a Common Health Problem

Can a chiropractor help with vertigo? Most people asking this question suffer from prevalent causes of vertigo like Meniere’s disease or BPPV. However, a small fraction traces the root cause of the problem from a relatively unknown or misunderstood condition. If you belong to this small group of people and you want to shed light on the reason behind your uncomfortable symptoms, you can check out our list of uncommon causes of vertigo below.  #1. Benign Recurrent Vertigo (BRV) BRV or benign recurrent vertigo is a poorly misunderstood vestibular problem that causes spinning sensations, photophobia, sensory sensitivity, and tinnitus. Some [...]

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Obesity and Back Pain: How are They Connected?

Obesity is a widespread problem in the country, affecting about 42.4 percent of our population. It’s a serious health concern that puts a person at more risk for various health problems, including low back pain. Notably, many obese patients seeking upper cervical care experience worse symptoms than those with an average or normal body mass index.  But what’s the connection? Why do obese people experience worse pain in their back?   Obesity and Achy Backs – A Closer Look Besides putting undue pressure on the pelvic bone and spinal column, studies claim that obesity has other effects on an achy [...]

Body Posture and a Pinched Nerve: What’s Their Link?

Maintaining an excellent body posture goes beyond reflecting your personality or developing your self-esteem. As we tell most patients seeking an atlas bone adjustment, the way you walk or sit can significantly impact your spinal health. Unfortunately, it can also contribute, or trigger the development of severe health problems. To help you figure out how your body posture can impact your daily life, let’s touch on its role in developing radiculopathy or a pinched nerve.    Who Develops Radiculopathy? Radiculopathy may sound like a highly complex health condition. However, in truth, it only refers to a pinched nerve problem. Most [...]

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What Causes BPPV and Other FAQs on Positional Vertigo

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo is among the top reasons why patients see an upper cervical chiropractic practitioner. It triggers a spinning sensation every time a patient tilts his or her head. Even the slightest movements such as rolling to the other side of the bed or nodding can trigger an attack.  So, how much do you know about BPPV? If you frequently experience vertigo attacks due to this condition, our list of FAQs on BPPV below might help shed light on this widespread yet poorly understood condition.    #1. How many people have BPPV?  BPPV accounts for about 8 percent of [...]

Planking The Right Way Without The Back Pain

If you are one of those who wish they can go to the gym and workout, but their busy schedules stop them, then you found the answer to your dilemma. According to an upper cervical chiropractic professional, planking is the solution for people who live such busy lives. Count yourself lucky because about a minute is all you need to spare to complete your first session. And take note, you do not need any special equipment to get started. Before you go ahead and start planking, it is best to know the basics to get the most out of this [...]

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