Dr. Chad Bragg, DC, MBA is the founder of Tranquility Specific Chiropractic in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is a licensed chiropractor in the state of Pennsylvania, and his office has been serving patients with specific health concerns since 2001. Being in the upper cervical practice for over 20 years, he is dedicated to providing patients the highest level of care possible. He finished his undergraduate degree at the Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas, and earned his postgraduate degree from Logan University’s College of Chiropractic, where he graduated with honors in 2000.

Technique/s: Knee Chest, Upper Cervical Specific

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What Are the Effects of an Untreated Pinched Nerve?

Nerve compression or irritation might not be something you hear about every day. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s not a real problem. For thousands of Americans, nerve pinching or compression is the root cause of painful health concerns ranging from radiculopathy to sciatica. Most of the time, people shrug it off, hoping that it would resolve on its own. Unfortunately, their cases progress and result in worse problems like permanent nerve damage.  Find out how an untreated pinched nerve can affect your body and discover the answers to some patient FAQs, including “can a chiropractor fix a pinched nerve?” [...]

Why Am I Nauseous? 8 Possible Explanations

Experiencing nausea can be an awful and worrying experience. Just imagine feeling nauseated in the middle of a busy street! It can result in accidents and life-threatening injuries. So naturally, you would want to know how you can relieve it. Does trying natural remedies for vertigo or taking medications for nausea work? What about aromatherapy, acupuncture, or yoga breathing? Now, before you get too excited to try every possible remedy for nausea, we recommend identifying the root cause of your symptom. Is it a temporary problem? Could it be a severe health condition? The more you know about the cause [...]

How It’s Like to Have Fibromyalgia When You’re A Student

Most people associate fibromyalgia with old age. However, in truth, it can affect even the younger ones. Take, for example, 21 and 26 years old Mandy Cascun and Cristabel Cutajar. Their story in The Malta Independent on their fibromyalgia experience as college students has resonated with many youngsters who experience fibromyalgia and neck pain.  Both students have been struggling with their symptoms since childhood. However, they only got their diagnosis later in life. They shared that they struggled with exhaustion and lethargy while moving from one place to another at the university or attending long hours of lectures. Cascun and [...]

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Answers to Top 7 Questions About Vertigo

What is vertigo? What should you do if you experience it? How do you know if it’s a vertigo episode or just a dizzying spell? These are just a few examples of the top FAQs on vertigo. It’s a debilitating symptom that can pose risks when combined with hazards like wet flooring or a moving vehicle. Read our discussion below as we try to understand vertigo and its symptoms. Find out the answers to the seven most commonly asked questions about the spinning sensation.  Question #1: What is vertigo? Vertigo is a condition known to millions of people in the [...]

Perfect Storm of Illness: Fibromyalgia and Migraine

In meteorology, the term “perfect storm” refers to any phenomena where rare circumstances combine to create an even more critical situation.  In other words, it is a “worst-case scenario.”  For example, a totally unrelated presence of warm air from a low-pressure area combines with the cool, dry air from a high-pressure area in addition to the tropical moisture. These are three different weather situations that, when combined, produce such a ferocious typhoon that threatens both people and the environment they live in.  When fibromyalgia and migraines come together, it is also a perfect storm of illness that can physically, emotionally, [...]

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What Causes Disequilibrium?

Disequilibrium is an imbalance or the feeling that you are about to fall over. On the other hand, vertigo occurs when a person falsely senses spinning movement as if he or she moves around, when, in fact, there is no movement happening at all.  Some people have the wrong impression of what vertigo is. Vertigo is just a symptom associated with a problem in the inner ear, not a condition. BPPV is among the most common types of vertigo. BPPV stands for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo that occurs whenever you move your head to a different position.  Disequilibrium vs. Vertigo [...]

Four Natural Steps to Take for Fighting Fibromyalgia

If you are dealing with chronic pain, sleepless nights, and mental confusion, then you may be one of the millions of Americans battling fibromyalgia. Unfortunately, those symptoms can also indicate a bunch of other health conditions. That’s why it takes so long to get a diagnosis when it comes to syndromes like fibromyalgia.  Whether you have already gotten a diagnosis or are working on it with your healthcare practitioner, we want to share with you some natural things that you can do to combat the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Since the majority of the symptoms are neurological in nature, you will [...]

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If You Read One Article About Meniere’s Disease, This Should Be It

Meniere’s disease may not be the most common vertigo cause, but it certainly is one of the most recognizable. We are going to begin our discussion by taking a closer look at the four primary symptoms of Meniere’s. Then we will share some research that points to upper cervical chiropractic as the best way to get natural help.  Meniere’s Disease Symptoms  There are four main symptoms that characterize this vestibular condition. Please note that while symptoms often appear in just one ear, both ears can be affected by Meniere’s. In fact, as the disease progresses, it becomes more likely for [...]

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This Article will Make You Look at Vertigo in a Whole New Way

What is vertigo? It is a false sensation of movement. You probably hear people with vertigo say that the room is spinning, but in reality, vertigo can refer to any sort of sensation of movement including swaying or tilting. When we are kids, we actually enjoy vertigo and cause it on purpose by spinning around really fast until it keeps going when we stop. As an adult, especially as an elderly person, we become fearful of vertigo because it can cause a dangerous fall. How can you find long-term relief from chronic or recurring vertigo? We’re going to look at [...]

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Chronic Headache Conditions – The Role the Neck Plays

Headache conditions affect nearly everyone. Whether you get the most common form of a headache (tension headaches) or your headaches are caused by a neurological condition such as migraines, you may be surprised to find out about the key role that the neck plays in the onset of chronic headache conditions. We’re going to take a closer look at the neck to see why it can be the source of headaches. Then we will consider a natural way to find relief if your chronic headache condition is stemming from a problem in the upper cervical spine. The Relationship Between Cervical [...]

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