Dr. Brad Partridge is the other half of the law-enforcement-officer-turned-chiropractic-doctor duo at Vitality Restored in Henderson, NV. Joined by Dr. Nathaniel Rossi, they have been providing patient care to the people of Nevada through the NUCCA chiropractic technique. Once a law enforcement officer in Provo, Utah, Dr. Partridge switched his career to become a NUCCA doctor. He decided after his infant son had a nasty fall and underwent plastic surgery to repair his face. His son’s personality changed, and he became less energetic because of the accident. But after the child received NUCCA care, his son’s energy level improved, and his facial wounds recovered faster. A trusted member of the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association, Dr. Partridge first finished a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice at the Utah Valley University. Then, he attended Life Chiropractic College West, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Technique/s: NUCCA procedure

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Migraine Survival Kit: A Must-Have for Every Patient

If migraine is a regular part of your life, there’s no better way to cope than having a migraine survival kit on hand (besides visiting a chiropractor for migraines, of course!). It should contain surefire remedies that can help you manage your symptoms during an episode. Not sure what your emergency kit should include? Don’t worry! We thought of creating an in-depth guide on what you should prepare for migraine attacks in your first aid kit.   Things to Remember When Preparing Your Kit Like any other emergency kit, your migraine survival package should come in handy. So, as much [...]

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Brain Injuries and Other Things That Cause Vertigo

Vertigo attacks can be unpleasant, not to mention debilitating and frustrating. When the episodes occur, they can completely throw you off and cause disruptions to your household chores or work tasks. If you frequently suffer from them, it would help if you start finding an effective vertigo relief option such as upper cervical chiropractic.  More importantly, you might find it incredibly helpful to know what potentially caused your vertigo attacks. One example of a potential vertigo trigger is a previous traumatic brain injury (TBI). A 2019 study reveals that half of the patients with TBI report spinning sensations as their [...]

7 Remedies for Pain Felt on the Neck to Shoulders

Experiencing pain from neck to shoulder is a common problem today. It can affect anyone, ranging from those who have desk jobs to those carrying a heavy load or doing repetitive movements like assembling products. If you’ve been struggling with a painful neck that spreads to your shoulders, our list of remedies like chiropractic atlas adjustment might help you heal and recover. Learn more in our discussion below so you can get rid of the pain and resume your usual routine at home or work.    Understanding Pain From Neck to Shoulder can stem from a long list of potential [...]

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