Dr. Dallas Ausmus is one of the founders and NUCCA chiropractors at Advanced Wellness Clinic in Calgary, Alberta. He is a full-fledged local, although he briefly moved to California, where he completed his chiropractic education. He spends countless hours reviewing his patients' cases to develop therapy plans designed to address their issues. Dr. Dallas Ausmus is also passionate about simplifying complex concepts to achieve understanding. He makes sure his patients fully understand what led to their discomfort and how the upper cervical chiropractic may help achieve relief and improve their dispositions.

Technique/s: NUCCA Chiropractic

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Occipital or Trigeminal Neuralgia: Knowing Their Differences

The head and neck feature plenty of nerve roots. Unfortunately, when these nerves get pinched or compressed, they can cause searing pain that can spread from the affected spot to nearby areas of the body. Doctors and upper cervical chiropractic practitioners refer to this condition as neuralgia.  The pinching or compression can occur on different nerves, such as the trigeminal or occipital nerve. It’s a common problem among the elderly as well as those who previously suffered from an infection. Neuralgia also tends to affect people with pre-existing conditions like multiple sclerosis and diabetes.  Our discussion below will take a [...]

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7 Easy-to-Follow Exercises for Pinched Nerve in the Neck

More and more patients come into an upper cervical office for a pinched nerve chiropractic adjustment in hopes of finding lasting relief from their pain. After all, a pinched nerve can trigger many problems that can heavily impact your life. Symptoms like pins and needles, muscle weakness, numbness, and sharp and burning aches could hinder you from doing all sorts of activities. Fortunately, a spine alignment through Upper Cervical Care may be able to address the problem. Combine that with a natural remedy like doing exercises for pinched nerve in the neck, you can potentially rid of your pain for [...]

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