Dr. Larry Arbeitman, D.C. is the founder of Upper Cervical Chiropractic of Monmouth in Morganville, New Jersey. He is a licensed chiropractor in the said state and has earned accreditation from the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners. He completed his first Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiological Sciences from the University of Maryland College Park, and his second Bachelor of Science degree from Logan University, where he graduated second in class (Magna Cum Laude). He also finished his doctorate at the same school. At the moment, Dr. Arbeitman provides a series of seminars and lectures on spinal and nervous system care, healthy lifestyle, nutrition and fitness, and other subjects to organizations, educational institutions, and patients. These are his steps to boost the public's awareness about upper cervical care’s unique healing power.

Technique/s: NUCCA Chiropractic, QSM3 Chiropractic

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Beyond Neck Pain Relief—All-Encompassing Benefits of Upper Cervical Care

When we ask people what they think of upper neck pain, the most common response that we get is, “It’s just a little pain. Anyone can get over it with simple stretches.” However, this is not the reality for people with severe upper neck pain. They can’t do even little things due to the pain, making their lives harder.  On a brighter note, many people who were suffering from this chronic pain found hope and comfort with upper cervical chiropractic care. They said that a 5-minute adjustment is all that it took for them to say goodbye to months of [...]

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A Guide to Tic Douloureux (Trigeminal Neuralgia) Symptoms

Tic douloureux isn’t a term you hear every day. However, if you get diagnosed with it, you will likely experience severe disruptions to your daily routine. Also known as trigeminal neuralgia, this condition may lead to mental health problems due to its severe symptoms. We thought of outlining the key indications of tic douloureux and how you can manage them with a few lifestyle adjustments and natural remedies, such as an atlas bone adjustment from a chiropractor.    Signs of Tic Douloureux (Trigeminal Neuralgia) #1. Shooting pain Patients who are getting an atlas bone adjustment for tic douloureux or trigeminal [...]

The Truth Behind Food Cravings and Migraine Attacks

Migraines have become synonymous with throbbing headaches. In fact, a large number of migraineurs who ask for a NUCCA chiropractic adjustment experience agonizing headaches that can hurt anywhere from 4 hours to 3 days. However, migraines can cause additional symptoms unknown to many, which can occur hours or days before the headache phase. One fine example of that migraine symptom is unexplainable food cravings.  If dealing with migraine attacks has been a part of your life for years, then chances are, you’re not new to having a sudden penchant for chocolate, carbs, and anything loaded with sugar. So the question [...]

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Are Vertigo Attacks Connected to Brainstem Problems?

Thousands of patients come to an upper cervical chiropractor for vertigo each year. That’s because studies prove that upper cervical care can help curb the frequency of vertigo episodes. If you’re someone familiar with the spinning sensations caused by this symptom, then you know how crucial it is to find a reliable remedy.  So how exactly does upper cervical chiropractic work, and how can it provide you with lasting relief? Let’s tackle these topics as we explore the link between vertigo attacks and the brainstem below.     Vertigo Episodes and Their Likely Causes The exact cause of vertigo episodes remains [...]

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Don’t Believe These 5 Myths About Neck Pain

Having an in-depth understanding of what’s causing your neck pain at base of skull is the first step to finding lasting relief. That’s why we believe debunking the most popular neck pain myths that many people still believe in today should be in order. More importantly, we want to spread the message of hope by tackling how you can benefit from an effective natural relief for neck pain. Ready your pen and paper as we start to unravel the truth behind the top 5 myths about neck pain.     1. Neck pains can go away after some time Neckaches, including neck [...]

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What Should You Do After a Concussion?

In Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky franchise, he had his character Rocky Balboa retire from boxing due to a concussion.  Later on, when he consulted medical experts about his storyline, he learned that Rocky’s condition, as he wrote in the script, is not exactly enough to force the fictional boxer into retirement. Not all concussions, however, can be belittled or treated lightly.  Cases of neck pain after concussion need to be evaluated thoroughly.  It is vital to fully know the symptoms, implications, and possible remedies or relief available for this kind of health condition. Studies show that at least 90% of boxers [...]

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Is Vertigo a Symptom of Something Else?

Vertigo is a type of dizziness that involves the unnatural feeling of movement or spinning. We can induce vertigo in ourselves without realizing it. It occurs when you spin in circles for some time or get on a ride in an amusement park. However, vertigo diagnosis comes as no surprise for real sufferers as they are used to it. Vertigo can hit patients without notice and vanish just as fast. Sometimes it lingers for a few hours more or days.      Typical Signs and Symptoms of Vertigo What symptoms suggest a possible vertigo? Tinnitus or hearing loss Nausea and vomiting [...]

How to Recognize Sciatica Symptoms

Patients who complain of their low back pain often wonder why the pain exists. In many cases, sciatica is the culprit. Low back pain from sciatica can be debilitating and very disturbing. Countless people continuously look for natural care, opting out of medication, fearing the possible side effects they may encounter.  Medication can help, but only temporarily. Also, whenever the drug’s potency wears off, low back pain most likely comes back, and often, it may even recur with a vengeance. Would you like to know how to recognize sciatica based on symptoms and determine if there are other natural and [...]

Neck Pain Relief: Try These 4 Self Massage Techniques

Neck pain tends to appear without warning. One moment you feel excellent. The next, your mood may suddenly change due to neck pain, and it is not a fun feeling at all. Nobody wants to have prolonged engagement with neck pain. Do you want to learn a few self-massage techniques to beat neck pain as best as possible? You will need only your two hands and a bath towel. Let’s do this. We are hoping that you will find much value in these self-massage procedures. May they help you get neck pain relief anytime and anywhere you can perform them. [...]

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Don’t Let Meniere’s Disease Misinformation Confuse You

Only about 0.2% of people in the US have Meniere’s disease. So while vertigo is extremely common as a symptom, this condition that causes it is rather rare. On the other hand, while many people with vertigo never find out the underlying cause, Meniere’s disease is rather easy to detect.  While there is no direct test for Meniere’s disease, it does have a set of symptoms that make it easier to identify. Here are the four primary symptoms of Meniere’s disease. Vertigo While vertigo occurs with dozens of diseases and syndromes, the severity of vertigo associated with Meniere’s helps to [...]

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