Author: Dr. Bill Davis

Migraines: The Hidden Toll of Car Accidents

Are your days mostly dreadful because of recurring migraine attacks? Do head pain, light and sound sensitivity, nausea, lethargy, and other migraine symptoms often ruin your day? As someone who often deals with the horrible effects of migraines, you might have been looking into ways you can address your pain. And one of which might […]

Can Pacing Help Manage Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Symptoms?

Do you ever wake up feeling like you didn't sleep at all? Do you struggle to get through the day without feeling like you need to lie down and rest? Do you often miss out on social events or cancel plans because you don't have enough energy left? If you answered yes to any of […]

How Upper Cervical Care Helped Relieve Decades-Old Neck Pain

Have you been struggling with severe neck pain that makes it incredibly difficult to turn your head? Is your neck pain in the way of doing day-to-day activities at home or work? Have you tapped into neck pain remedies like massage and physical therapy but saw minimal changes to your overall condition? Countless people complain […]

5 Health and Fitness Goals for Migraineurs This 2023

Are you living with migraine and looking for gentle ways to stay fit? Have you been wanting to unleash a healthier version of you but fear the sudden bouts of headaches that might come after a physically taxing fitness routine? Surely enough, it can be challenging to navigate the world of physical activity when dealing […]

High-resolution MRI: The Future of Migraine Diagnosis

Are you unsure whether your headaches, sensory sensitivity, and aura stem from migraines or an entirely different condition? Do you feel anxious and nervous that your symptoms might be an indication of a serious health concern? Have you tried getting diagnosed but have had no luck finding definitive results? Are you worried that you’re the […]

How to Cope with Anxiety-Related Vertigo

Do you feel like your vertigo and dizziness are sucking the meaning and joy out your life? Do your spinning sensations often confuse and frighten you? Is your day-to-day routine affected by your balance or vestibular problems? Are you constantly feeling anxious that your vertigo episode will eventually ruin your life?  It’s definitely difficult to […]

Waist Training: Can it Help or Worsen Back Pain?

Have you been looking for the “perfect” hack to achieve an “hourglass figure” but fear that it might compromise other aspects of your health? Are you worried that wearing waist trainers can eventually put excess pressure on your spine and lead to constant back pain? Do you really need to sacrifice comfort to achieve your […]

What Are the Must-Have Gadgets for Patients with Fibromyalgia?

What gadgets do fibromyalgia chiropractic doctors recommend to patients to maximize pain relief? We’ve gathered a comprehensive list for you.

What Causes Rocking Feeling After a Boat Ride?

Not sure if your dizziness stems from vertigo or sea legs? We just have the perfect explanation for you. Read on to learn how you can achieve vertigo relief.

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