Are You Familiar with These 8 Vertigo Facts?

vertigo, upper cervical chiropractic near me

Being spun around if you are dancing can feel exhilarating. Not so much when you are still. Vertigo happens quite often and can affect a lot of people. Relief choices abound, from medications to chiropractors.

If you have been considering the latter and entertaining questions like “Is vertigo relief possible if I meet with an upper cervical chiropractic near me?” then this article might help you arrive at an answer.

Before vertigo hits you, it is best to know a few things that can help make the entire ordeal less traumatizing. There is a lot of vital information online. However, there are also a lot of things that are not necessarily correct.


Key Facts About Vertigo

1st: Vertigo and dizziness are similar, yet different.

It was not intentional to confuse you here. Both experiences do share similar symptoms, but they are different conditions. These two can make a person feel off-balance. They differ in the sense that vertigo makes a person physically feel a spinning movement.

Some instances of dizziness and vertigo can be momentary. However, there are also vertigo cases that can linger for days.

2nd: The spinning feeling is a symptom and not a disease.

A lot of people think that vertigo is an illness just like hypertension or the flu. It isn’t. This experience can be a symptom of an underlying medical condition like migraines. A spinning feeling often precedes an attack in migraineurs or those diagnosed with migraines.

Swelling of the vestibular nerve results in vestibular neuritis. This can also induce vertigo. The same thing happens with Meniere’s disease, a disorder caused by fluid build-up in the inner ears.

This fact is essential when seeking treatment. What happens when I see a healthcare expert or upper cervical chiropractic near me? If you have been asking yourself this question, expect to go through a full evaluation to uncover some underlying issues that cause your vertigo.

3rd: Medical experts can uncover the cause of my whirling sensation.

Although it can be challenging, expert medical professionals can identify the real reason behind your spinning and balance discomfort. They can achieve this difficult feat after completing full examinations and reviewing the results of your laboratory tests. Migraines and even brain tumors might be the force behind this situation.

4th: The circular-like movement can happen to anyone.

In short, young and older people can experience vertigo. The same thing goes for both males and females. Age, race, and gender do not matter in this case. If your episodes are becoming more prominent and frequent, start a journal. Take note of your experiences and describe the circumstances surrounding each incident. Your messages will come in handy during your visit with your healthcare provider.

vertigo, upper cervical chiropractic near me

5th: Vertigo can be debilitating.

Some people can quickly shake off the feeling of being dizzy. Sadly, you cannot do the same thing with this vertigo. Moving your head might worsen your experience. The early episodes can linger for a few hours at most. As the root causes intensify, attacks can happen more abruptly and intensely. This is cause for concern, especially in older people.

6th: There are various options to ease the discomfort.

People all over the world have access to different choices to stop the uneasy feeling. Some medical experts prescribe medications after considering the accompanying symptoms and the medical history. You can also opt to get physical therapy to address issues with your head and neck. 

Another option is to get care from an upper cervical chiropractor. What can upper cervical chiropractic near me do with my vertigo? If you have this question in mind, the answer is that a chiropractor may address your vertigo through spinal alignment. In the event of a misalignment, the nerves may find it challenging to deliver messages to the brain. In return, this can affect the interpretation of data and the issuance of commands. With mixed messages, pain conditions and equilibrium issues like vertigo and dizziness can happen.

There are numerous ways to address this condition effectively. It is up to you to decide.

7th: The ears and the brain play key roles here.

Although many people think that vertigo is associated with the inner ear, this is not always the case. The vestibular organs that control the body’s equilibrium are located in the inner ears, explaining why most balance issues have something to do with this body part. 

It is important to remember that the brain processes all signals. As such, it also has a say in experiences like vertigo. In cases of head trauma or concussion, most people complain of recurring headaches and dizziness.  Medical professionals, including upper cervical chiropractors, look into bone displacements as a possible trigger for vertigo in such cases.

8th: Do not take this lightly.

The idea of losing your sense of balance for longer than a few seconds can be unsettling. If you are in bed or at home, then there is no reason to worry. If you are outside or driving, then such an experience can be deadly. When this happens, do your best to relax, stay somewhere you can be safe, and try to let this pass. When you can, then you can go ahead and have yourself checked. 

Remember that vertigo by itself is not deadly. However, it can strike unexpectedly, and when it does, you might be in a bind. 


Help from An Upper Cervical Chiropractic Near Me

At Upper Cervical Awareness, we have a directory of chiropractic doctors all over the country. They are well-trained and licensed to assess the neck and spinal alignment issues contributing to vertigo. 

When upper cervical chiropractors restore displaced bones and discs and achieve realignment, the brain receives and processes information correctly. As a result, the body can function optimally and regain equilibrium, which likely eliminates vertigo.

If you are eager to meet with a chiropractic professional near you, come and check our directory. We have the information you need to find the upper cervical chiropractor in your area.

Go ahead and schedule that appointment now. It is best to secure your footing before you lose your balance again.

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