Is There Anything Worse Than a Common Migraine?

Unrooting the cause of Vetigo in Meniere's diseaseUnfortunately, the answer to that is yes. Hemiplegic migraines are a sub-category of migraines that are one of the most severe types of headaches. They are a neurological disturbance that is extremely difficult to cope with.

Some people who have migraines experience aura (some sort of visual disturbance) before a migraine happens. Rather than just visual disturbances, those suffering from hemiplegic migraines can have auras that include stroke-like paralysis and extreme muscle weakness that affects one side of the body. These symptoms are known as hemiplegia.

The pain and paralysis of hemiplegic migraines can last for up to a month. This type of a headache may have begun in a person’s childhood. The good news is that as the person grows up, they may go away.

Symptoms of Hemiplegic Migraines

  • Slurring of speech
  • Vertigo or dizziness
  • Decreased consciousness
  • Coma
  • Zig-zag lines, blind spots, double vision, or other visual issues
  • Trouble saying the right word or remembering a word
  • Feeling confused
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Severe, throbbing pain on one side of the head
  • Sensitivity to odors, noise, and light
  • Sensation of pins and needles from the hand up into the arm

Can Upper Cervical Chiropractic Help These Types of Migraines?

The simple answer is yes! This is due to the fact that often migraines and other headaches are caused by a misalignment in the upper neck vertebrae. A misalignment of just ¼ of a millimeter is enough to wreak havoc on the entire body. Why?

The top two bones of the neck, the atlas and axis, are the area where the brainstem meets the spinal cord. This is the communication highway of the body. A misalignment here can hinder communication to and from the brain and body. Blood flow and cerebrospinal fluid flow, as well as nerves, can also be affected. When any of this occurs, a migraine is probably not far behind.

By realigning these bones, the body begins to take advantage of its natural healing properties. Bringing the spine back into alignment helps the entire body to function better. Clinical studies have shown this to be true. Some have seen migraines improve in as little as one or two visits.

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