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5 Surprising Vertigo Triggers

If you suffer from vertigo, you may live in fear of when the next bout of spinning will strike. However, there are some well-documented triggers that could be causing your flare-ups. Knowing what can cause a bout of vertigo is half the battle. Finding a source of long-term relief is the other half, and we’ll […]

How Neck Muscle Tension Triggers Worse Vertigo Episodes

Do you ever experience neck muscle tension that seems to come out of nowhere, leaving you feeling stiff and uncomfortable? Maybe you've noticed that shortly after this tension sets in, you begin to experience vertigo - a sensation of dizziness or spinning that can be both alarming and debilitating. If this scenario sounds familiar to […]

Vertigo Episodes in the Workplace: Top 8 Triggers

Have you ever felt confident and empowered at work, only to be suddenly struck by vertigo episodes? Imagine feeling in control and productive as you tackle your to-do list with ease, only for the room to start spinning without warning, leaving you lightheaded and disoriented. Your heart races as you struggle to maintain your balance, […]

12 Possible Triggers of a Vertigo Attack

Triggers of a Vertigo Attack? What are common triggers of a vertigo attack? Vertigo attacks can be pretty unpleasant, especially if they happen several times a month. This is why it’s not surprising why a lot of people who are suffering with vertigo are looking for answers and possible triggers. If you often experience the […]

Vertigo: 7 Triggers and 6 Conditions Associated With It

Vertigo is a type of dizziness that forces you to feel as if your surroundings or you are spinning out of control. Imagine yourself standing outdoors, relaxing, and looking at the beautiful sceneries around you, then suddenly, you feel like you are riding a merry-go-round.  It is how some people experience their vertigo episodes. Vertigo […]

Can a Car Accident Cause Vertigo? Everything You Should Know

Can a Car Accident Cause Vertigo? Imagine driving home on a routine evening, the roads familiar and the drive seemingly uneventful, until suddenly, an unexpected jolt from a car accident disrupts everything. In the weeks following, you notice an unsettling change: a spinning sensation that catches you off guard, making standing up a challenge and […]

Migraine Associated Vertigo: A Comprehensive Guide

Have you ever felt the world spinning around you when everything is stationary? Or experienced a severe headache followed by a disorienting sense of movement? If you answered 'yes' to these questions, you might be facing a lesser-known aspect of migraines called Migraine Associated Vertigo (MAV). This comprehensive guide dives into MAV, demystifying its symptoms, […]

Understanding Positional Vertigo and the Role of Exercise

Imagine standing still and suddenly feeling as if the room is spinning around you. Or perhaps, a simple turn of the head sends your senses into a whirlwind of dizziness. These sensations, unsettling as they are, can be the hallmark of a condition known as Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). But before you resign yourself […]

Peripheral Vertigo: Is It Permanent or Temporary?

Do you avoid certain activities because you're scared to face another dizzy spell? Do you often do activities slower than usual to avoid possible peripheral vertigo episodes? Do you have a go-to vertigo relief strategy to stop or reduce your discomfort when it happens? Do you often wonder if this is your new normal? Are […]

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