6 Actionable Steps for People with Frequent Migraines

Steps for People with Frequent Migraines

Is migraine a constant part of your life? Has it completely taken over your routine, such as going to work or attending Sunday BBQs? If you answer yes to both questions, you will benefit from our discussion below. Read on to learn six actionable steps that migraineurs need to make. Also, check out our brief discussion on how patients can benefit from upper cervical care.

#1. Learn to manage your stressors 

Studies explain that stress can bring out the worse in someone's health. As a result, it's one of the leading enablers of migraine attacks among American adults. It would help to practice simple relaxation techniques and learn to manage or avoid your stressors. Here are helpful tips you can follow: 

  • Avoiding smoking or alcohol drinking
  • Try meditation exercises, especially during nighttime
  • Carve out time to unwind and connect with nature
  • Try running a hot bath before bedtime
  • Grab a book or anything that can help you kill time
  • Explore a new hobby (crafting, scrapbooking, gardening, etc.)
  • Address postural stress with the help of upper cervical care

#2. Take advantage of stretching exercises

Stretching exercises can help you alleviate pressure and tension in your cervical spine. So, you might find it helpful to do neck or shoulder stretching exercises every day. You can do these movements while you sit on a chair or while you wait in a car during a long commute. Below are examples of stretching exercises you can include in your routine:

  • Child's pose
  • Side neck bend
  • Downward-facing dog
  • Seated forward fold
  • Thread the needle

Besides these activities, we also suggest engaging in other low-impact exercises such as swimming, brisk walking and yoga. These will help you keep a healthy blood circulation and ensure the smooth function of various body systems including the nervous system. 

#3. Mind your caffeine intake 

Caffeine is a popular plant-derived ingredient found in coffee, cocoa, and soda drinks. Some drug firms also use caffeine to manufacture headache medications because of its ability to regulate blood flow in the brain. However, several studies note that it can cause migraine headaches when taken in varying or abnormal amounts. So, if you think that you have caffeine sensitivity, we strongly recommend minding your caffeine consumption. 

#4. Relieve the throbbing pain with ice 

Ice, cold compress or even a bag of frozen peas can help you combat inflammation and pain. They can work wonders in relieving your migraine attacks, primarily if they stem from neck bone misalignments. If you would like to take advantage of cold therapy for migraine relief, we recommend applying the material to your neck and temples for no more than 20 minutes. You must wrap the material with a small towel to prevent the cold from damaging or injuring your skin. 

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#5. Embrace a healthy lifestyle 

A healthy lifestyle can prevent all kinds of unwanted problems such as migraines. So, if you are guilty of following poor practices, it's high time to change your ways now. Additionally, you might find it helpful to follow these practices: 

Eat healthily 

Well-balanced meals can help you maintain good health. They can also prevent the onset of nerve and cardiovascular problems – which you might recognize as migraine attack risk factors. 

Avoid getting dehydrated

Dehydration can affect your blood pressure and the electrolytes in your body. So, it's imperative to drink enough water, especially during warm days. 

Establish a good sleeping schedule

The length of quality sleep you get each night directly impacts your health and overall well-being. Studies note that migraines get worse for people who don't get enough sleep because of increased pain sensitivity, blood pressure fluctuations, and poor blood oxygenation.

Say no to migraine food triggers

Are you well acquainted with the different migraine food triggers? If not, we strongly suggest researching about them and crossing them off your meal plans. This will help you reduce the intensity and frequency of your migraines. 

Work on your posture

Unknown to most people, posture can influence many aspects of health. One example of which is the onset of migraine headaches. When you develop poor posture, the neck bones can press on your trigeminal nerve – a nerve bundle that studies widely associate with migraine attacks. Additionally, the neck bones can compress your brainstem and impede its natural functions. Naturally, by fixing your posture with the help of upper cervical care and other techniques, you can avoid triggering mishaps such as migraines. 

#6. Benefit from upper cervical care  

Upper cervical care is a widely known source of migraine relief in the USA. Plenty of migraineurs has experienced massive relief after correcting the alignment of their C1 and C2 bones. 

When you visit a doctor who practices upper cervical care, you will thoroughly analyze your upper cervical spine. This will allow the doctor to check the degree of your cervical subluxation and plan the specific angle needed when tilting your head during a chiropractic adjustment. 

It can take several adjustments to resolve your migraines. But, rest assured that you will feel a significantly lighter feeling, especially on your neck. Additionally, the adjustments can help ensure proper cerebrospinal fluid drainage and ample blood flow to the brain. 

Upper cervical chiropractic works well for a broad spectrum of individuals. So, whether you need it for an adult or a child, you can receive top-notch patient care. 

Are you ready to tap into upper cervical care for your migraine and headaches? Visit the nearest practice and receive a complete atlas and axis diagnosis.

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