5 Common But Little Known Migraine Symptoms to Watch Out For

Little Known Migraine Symptoms to Watch Out ForMigraines are known for a number of symptoms, especially a moderate to severe headache, light sensitivity, and nausea. However, other symptoms may accompany migraines that you might not have associated with the condition. We’re going to take a look at 5 common migraines symptoms that most people are unaware of.

Common but Little-Know Migraine Symptoms

Next time you have a migraine, check for these symptoms:

  • Neck Pain – Neck pain often occurs both before and during a migraine. It is one of the most common migraine symptoms although few associate the conditions with one another. If you experience neck pain along with your migraines, it increases the likelihood that the migraines are actually springing from an upper cervical misalignment.
  • Congestion – That’s right, that congestion may be a symptom of your migraine. Some with sinus problems get headaches and think the sinus issues are causing it (which is possible), but often that headache is a migraine, and the congestion is just another symptom. If the headache starts before the congestion, it’s more likely to be a migraine.
  • Insomnia – If your headache wakes you up during the middle of the night, there’s actually a term for that. It’s called an awakening headache. Migraines commonly do this, leading to poor sleep. Unfortunately, lack of sleep can trigger further migraine occurrences.
  • Irritability – Sudden mood swings can be an indicator that a migraine is coming. Pre-migraine symptoms are referred to as a prodrome. Once you recognize your prodrome symptoms, you may have up to 24 hours warning to prepare for the actual migraine.
  • Sensitivity to Sound – Is your mate’s chewing suddenly the worst sound in the world when it’s never really bothered you before? Your spouse probably isn’t doing anything different. The migraine is just making you more sensitive to sounds. Many think the amped up sensitivity only involves vision, but all of the senses can be affected.

The Upper Cervical Solution to Migraines

As noted above, the top two bones of the spine may come into play in migraine occurrence, especially if you suffer from neck pain or stiffness. However, if you have a history of head or neck injury, you should have the upper cervical spine examined even if you don’t suffer any neck pain during your migraine attacks. Contact an upper cervical chiropractor near you to learn more about how this subspecialty of chiropractic is helping many migraine patients find relief.

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