45% of Migraine Patients Are Hesitant to Get Headache Care

Migraine Patients Are Hesitant to Get Headache Care

Migraine and neck pain are common healthcare problems worldwide. Whether they are mild or severe, they can still significantly affect someone. Unfortunately, nearly half (45%) of migraine sufferers are hesitant to seek headache care. About 35% of these people reported that they are suffering from the disabling impacts of migraine.

There are several reasons why migraineurs are unwilling to seek help. Sadly, they are missing out on all the possible benefits of getting the proper care for their disease.

Reasons Why Migraineurs Hesitate Asking for Help

Migraine and neck pain cause severe bouts of headache. But since they are so common, people tend to ignore their effects. They just go on with their lives and endure the pain. 

Do you suffer from migraines, or do you have a friend who cannot remember the last time they had a doctor checkup for their disease? If yes, now is the time to encourage them to seek help.  However, when your encouragement is met with defensiveness, you need to consider what else might be holding them back from seeking helpeven when they need it most.

Here are the common reasons why migraine patients are reluctant to seek headache care.

#1. The practice of self-medication

Self-medication is done by many people, especially those who have headaches caused by migraines and neck pain. Those who do it often underestimate the effects of a headache in their lives; they relieve it with simple home remedies. However, medicating yourself without a doctor’s prescription can be dangerous. 

For example, if you consume drugs or alcohol to feel well every time you get migraine attacks, you’re harming yourself. This is why self-medication has become one of the leading causes of substance abuse disorder.

#2. Fear of migraine stigma

Just like any other invisible illness, a stigma is also attached to migraines. Unfortunately, this causes migraineurs to feel afraid and ashamed of their condition, preventing them from opening up about the effects of migraines in their daily lives. Worst of all, the stigma holds them back from seeking the care they need. For many migraineurs, no physician would take their migraine pain seriously, or their condition is not justifiable enough for a consultation.

#3. High cost of treatment

Healthcare cost is perhaps one of the most common barriers holding a migraine patient back from getting help. The fear of big bills makes them skip a doctor’s visit even though they suffer from intense pain. They worry that their health insurance will not cover the cost of checkups and the entire treatment. So, many people choose to hide in their dark room during migraine attacks rather than getting buried in debt.

#4. Lack of support, education, and resources

Many migraine patients do not understand the health risk of not getting the proper care for their condition. Perhaps they lack education, support, and the right resources to know the benefits of preventive care for migraines.

Migraine and neck pain

Benefits of Seeking Professional Care for Headaches

You do not have to live with migraine headaches forever. The first step of experiencing your most desired relief is by seeking help from a professional. Once you do so, you will feel an igniting hope within you. There are much available care and treatment that could help eliminate your pain. If you are ready to get migraine care, here are some benefits that you can look forward to.

Find the right treatment for your migraine headaches

The ultimate goal of seeking professional help for migraines is to find the appropriate care that will prevent your headaches from recurring. By being open and honest about your condition, you may be able to find the most appropriate remedy for your pain. So, be sure to talk with your doctor or an upper cervical chiropractor for migraines to allow them to identify what works for you.

Lower your stress level 

Getting proper treatment for migraine headaches can have tons of benefits, particularly reducing your stress. Many migraine sufferers feel intense worry and fear at the thought of experiencing another migraine headache. But once you get the appropriate care you need and your migraines become well managed, your anxiety and stress can fade.

Stop taking unnecessary medications

Many people with severe migraine headaches found upper cervical chiropractic care an effective therapy that reduced or eliminated their pains. Upper neck adjustments can alleviate stress from your nervous system and improve your spine’s health. As a result, your body can then function normally. In addition, it lowers your risk of developing another migraine headache. And best of all, you will be able to reduce or stop taking unnecessary medications to aid the pain.

 If you are interested in this form of natural care, set an appointment with the nearest upper cervical chiropractor in your city to learn more about this method of alleviating migraine symptoms.


Choose Upper Cervical Care for Migraine and Neck Pain 

Upper cervical chiropractors offer hope to migraine sufferers. They focus on adjusting your upper cervical spine to proper alignment and restoring your best quality of life. This care is vital in restoring the normal function of your nervous system and optimal health. With that mission, upper cervical chiropractors are a great source of professional help for migraine sufferers.

 So, the next time you suffer from an intense headache, migraine and neck pain, do not hesitate to give your local upper cervical chiropractor a call. More information about the benefits of upper cervical chiropractic care can be found on https://uppercervicalawareness.com/.

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