Why It Took 150 Years to Find the Cause of Meniere’s Disease

Cause of Meniere’s Disease

A study was published after an upper cervical chiropractor cared for Meniere’s disease patients for 6 years. How does upper cervical chiropractic help with problems in the inner ear? Here are some findings from this extensive research.

How a Cervical Misalignment Can Lead to Meniere’s Disease

Injuries to the upper cervical spine due to concussions, whiplash, and other forms of head and neck trauma can affect the inner ear. In addition, it affects the central nervous system and causes all of the symptoms of Meniere’s like tinnitus, vertigo, hearing loss, and a feeling of fullness in the affected ear. But why haven’t doctors connected Meniere’s to trauma before?

It would have been more obvious if symptoms began immediately after an injury. Unfortunately, it takes more or less 15 years before the onset of the symptoms happens. Since Meniere’s often begins when a person is middle-aged, very few remember an injury in high school or college that may have caused the underlying problem.

What does an upper cervical subluxation do that results in Meniere’s symptoms?

  • Reduces cerebrospinal fluid drainage
  • Limits blood flow to the brain
  • Hinders blood flow to the ears

Another factor is that patients should lay down during MRIs. Such imaging will not usually show cerebrospinal fluid drainage issues. Therefore, an upright MRI (a patient has to be in a standing or sitting position) is necessary.

How Upper Cervical Chiropractic Can Help Patients

Now that the underlying cause of Meniere’s has been identified, it is easy to see how upper cervical chiropractic can help. In conclusion, providing a gentle and precise adjustment to the C1 and C2 is important. It reverses the underlying problem, allowing for the proper flow of blood and cerebrospinal fluid.

Custom adjustments that correct a patient’s specific misalignment provide safe and effective relief from upper cervical subluxations. This has led to a significant reduction in vertigo and even hearing loss associated with Meniere’s. To learn more, contact an upper cervical chiropractor near you.

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