10 Neck Pain Essential Facts And Statistics To Know

Neck Pain Essential Facts

Modern technology is a boon for society. It helps us build tools to make our lives easier to manage. However, it can also be harmful to us if we are not careful.

Spending considerable time in front of computers or mobile devices at home or work may cause serious health issues. One of the most widespread health issues today is neck pain. Neck pain is a worldwide health problem, both in terms of overall well-being and personal health.

Here are some crucial facts about neck pain:

Fact #1: 86 Billion Dollars Spent on Neck and Back Pain 

According to the American Medical Association, low back and neck pain currently ranks 3rd in total healthcare expenses in the United States each year. In 2008, the cost of neck pain was a staggering 86 billion dollars.

Crippling neck pain is an economic burden that can be extremely high for patients. People with chronic neck pain will have a hard time providing for their families while keeping up with the medical costs of this condition. The cost of treatment may exceed tens of thousands of dollars.

Fact #2: 5% Of Neck Pain Sufferers May Become Disabled

Neck pain can be a complex issue. It comes in a wide variety and intensities such as:

  • bone pain
  • nerve pinches
  • muscle aches 
  • spasms 

According to research, 5% of neck pain sufferers will become disabled as a result. In other words, they may become unable to function normally due to this condition. It would be wise to deal with neck pains before they get worse and prevent permanent disability.

Fact #3: 70% of The World Will Experience Neck Pain

At least 70% of the global population will suffer from neck pain at some point in life. Women have reported more neck pain incidents than men. They are also prone to musculoskeletal pain. Geographically speaking, women in Scandinavian countries have higher estimates for neck pain than the rest of Asia and Europe. 

Fact #4: 24% of All Visits to Chiropractors are Due to Neck Pain

In the USA, chiropractors treat over 35 million patients annually. Neck pain ranks as the 2nd most frequent reason for all chiropractic visits.

In terms of the best care plan for neck pain using chiropractic care, an analysis of 33 trials revealed that combined mobilization, manipulation, realignment, and exercise achieved the best results in neck pain relief.

Fact #5: Neck Pain is The 4th Leading Cause of Disability-Adjusted Life Years

According to the Global Burden of Disease Study, neck pain ranked as the 4th leading disability-adjusted life years in 2015, just after cerebrovascular disease, ischemic heart disease, and lower respiratory infection. Throughout an individual’s lifetime, at least 70% of people around the world will experience a clinically relevant and crucial neck pain episode.

Fact #6: 30% of Neck Pain Patients Will Develop Chronic Neck Pain

In general, neck pain can be acute or chronic. Chronic may persist for many months and most likely require the help of a specialist. Out of all the people who suffer from neck pains, up to 30% will develop chronic neck pain over time if not treated early.

Acute neck pain occurs suddenly and usually heals within a few days to weeks. The damage and injury generally affect the discs, muscles, ligaments, and joints.

For chronic neck pain, the core contributing factors can include tissue scarring, nerve damage, arthritis, etc. Healing time is significantly longer than with acute neck pain, and usually will require the aid of a specialist such as an upper cervical chiropractor to attain long-lasting relief.

Fact #7: Neck Pains Are Likely To Recur Within A Year

It will come as bad news for people who recently recovered from their neck pain ordeal. In a survey of workers with neck pain, 26% of them had experienced a recurrence in less than one year. At least 42% of sufferers missed more than one week of work, creating sizeable financial stress from lost wages and high cost of treatment.

Fact #8: Office Workers Are Most At Risk Of Developing Neck Pain Issues

While anyone can be susceptible to developing acute or even chronic neck pain, studies showed that office workers are the most at risk of developing neck pain issues. Healthcare workers, manual laborers, and sports athletes are also at higher risk due to the nature of their work.  These people are having postural issues that put undue stress on their neck.  

Fact #9: Obese People Have An Increased Chance of Having Neck Pain

Researchers say obese people have an increased chance of developing neck pain for several reasons. Some of the reasons include increased mechanical stress, harmful structural changes, diminished muscle strength, and more significant disability related to kinesiophobia.

Fact #10: Only 21% of Young Adults Are Aware Of “Text Neck” Measures

In 2018, an American chiropractor coined the word “text neck.” He used the term to describe repetitive stress injuries, and pain in the neck area sustained from craning the neck down from prolonged mobile phone use. There are various risks and hazards caused by excessive usage of tablets, mobile phones, and handheld gadgets, one of which is neck pain.

To prevent “text neck” syndrome, do the following tips: 

  • Bring the phone (or gadget) to eye level when operating to avoid prolonged craning of the neck downward. Prolonged bending of the neck causes neck pain.
  • Avoid holding the phone using your neck and shoulder when placing calls. Use headphones, earbuds, or the speakerphone function instead. 
  • Take occasional breaks from your gadget use every 30 minutes to rest and stretch your neck and avoid eye strain.

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care For Chronic Neck Pain Relief

Here’s another fact: The neck pain you are coping with may be due to a misalignment in the upper bones of your neck, the atlas and axis vertebrae. These bones are prone to misalignment due to their location and function. It only takes a slight misalignment of these bones to produce problems throughout the body, including neck pain.

Upper cervical chiropractic care has been effective in dealing with neck pains. Many patients are happy to attain a level of comfort from their neckaches after receiving this therapy. 

Often, you may have experienced chronic neck pain or stiff neck without any clues as to what triggered them in the first place. Consult an upper cervical chiropractor near you to address the root cause of your neck pain. Browse for one using the search function here.

Many remedies can help with your neck pain. However, if you find little or no relief at all after implementing many, then consider this natural relief. Upper cervical chiropractic care has been effective in dealing with neck pains. Many patients are happy to attain a level of comfort from their neckaches after receiving this therapy from upper cervical care.

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